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Windrush breach governance and financial viability standard

The RSH concluded that Windrush Alliance UK CIC (Windrush) has breached the governance and financial viability standard.
Harold brown

RSH began investigating Windrush following a self-referral. Its investigations found that there has been a fundamental breakdown in Windrush’s governance and financial management arrangements, which put the continuity of services to residents at risk. This is a clear breach of the governance and financial viability standard.

Windrush acknowledges the extent of its failure to meet the standards and have made a commitment to undertaking the work necessary to come back to compliance. RSH is now engaging actively with the new board and management team at Windrush to ensure they make the substantial changes required.

Harold Brown, Senior Assistant Director for Investigations and Enforcement at RSH, said: “We have found very substantial failings at Windrush across a range of regulatory standards. The new board and management now need to make significant changes across all areas of the business so that they comply with our standards. We will be actively monitoring them to ensure they put things right.”

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