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Wiltshire developer inspires women to build a career in construction

Leading partnerships developer Lovell is inspiring inclusion and encouraging women across the county to build a career in construction.
20240227_102143 - Amy Borrowdale, Trainee Site Manager at Drummond Park

Lovell, which is building new homes at its Drummond Park development in Ludgershall, is helping to inspire women to join the construction industry. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that in Q2 of 2023, 2,152,000 people in the UK worked in construction, but just 340,000 of those people were women, slightly under 16 per cent.

One employee at Lovell looking to inspire women is Amy Borrowdale, aged 28, who works at Drummond Park as a Trainee Site Manager.

Initially working in care, Amy switched to the construction industry when she moved to Andover and began working as a site cleaner. In October 2022, she moved to Lovell’s Drummond Park development. By April 2023, Amy was more involved with the construction side of the business, and in June changed her role to Trainee Site Manager.

Amy said: “When I first joined Lovell, I started picking up knowledge about housebuilding. I stumbled into the industry by accident, but soon realised that the more I got involved, the more I wanted to know and to progress.

“Growing up, no women I knew worked in construction-based roles, but the world has changed and the industry is unrecognisable to where it was 30 years ago. The longer I’m here, the more women I’m seeing join.”

Talking about her role and her career goals, Amy continued: “I love working for Lovell. The praise I’ve received over the last few months is amazing, it’s really boosted my self esteem and the help I get from Lovell is phenomenal. Everyone’s more than happy to offer their support.

“This job has helped me massively by pushing me out of my comfort zone and giving me the confidence and self-belief that I can achieve my goals. My advice to women looking to start a career in construction is to just go for it, progress and become confident to be your best self.

“I’m currently working to becoming an Assistant Site Manager at Drummond Park, and my ultimate goal is to become a Site Manager in the next five to 10 years.”

James Duffett, regional managing director at Lovell, said: “We are inspired by Amy and the women at Lovell every day. Our company and the wider construction industry thrives on diversity and inclusion, and all of us at Lovell are passionate about encouraging more women to join our sector.”

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