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Unlocking net zero value

Reducing driving distances and minimising wasted materials are two of the greatest opportunities the social housing sector has to address its carbon footprint.

Scheduling specialist FLS – FAST LEAN SMART is unlocking the net zero value at more than 500,000 homes across the UK and Europe, reducing the carbon footprints of field based housing operations, saving fuel which equates to driving millions of miles.

The combination of scheduling the right operative at the right time using accurate, real-time route planning, means driving less and with an improved first-time fix rate.

FLS’s best-of-breed, dynamic FLS VISITOUR software is scheduling 2,500 vehicles across housing operations, which are driven on average 30% less due to using the most optimised routes, reducing carbon footprints by multiple million kg CO2 per year.

FLS VISITOUR is designing valuable new ways of working, such as reduced depot visits and the ability to begin and end operative’s shift from home. The FLS solution also incorporates customer messaging to advise accurate arrival times which critically reduces the risk of the ‘no access’ visit. These all add up to a huge difference for net zero targets across the UK housing sector.

FLS VISITOUR’s ground-breaking dispatching delivers lightning-fast route optimisation which is continually updating in the background to provide the most efficient route for repairs and maintenance operatives, gas teams, voids surveyors, compliance inspectors and housing officers.

FLS uses geocoded mapping to plan exact street routes and house number addresses enabling skilled field workers to get to their appointments quicker, saving time, fuel and combatting climate change, typically cutting carbon emissions by 30 to 50%.

The FLS team is supporting the sustainability of operations to meet the need of social landlords and their contractors, including Your Housing Group, Axis Europe and Ministry of Defence housing repairs and maintenance with Amey Secure Infrastructure.

Axis Europe’s field teams are driving efficiently for appointments servicing Peabody, L&Q, Hyde Group, Metropolitan Thames Valley, Notting Hill Genesis and PA Housing and more.

Your Housing Group (YHG) has boosted the efficiency of its field force operations with FLS VISITOUR, achieving a 25-32% increase in productivity for operatives through the combination of efficient appointment offerings and real-time route optimisation.

Energy efficiency is driven across YHG’s business, investing in technology as part of its digital transformation programme to minimise the impact of built assets on the environment.

Conan McKinley, Director of Asset Management – Your Housing Group, said: “We have set ambitious sustainability goals to drive energy efficiencies across the business. FLS is achieving measurable benefits for YHG, but has delivered far more; we are understanding our business needs first and the operational impacts faced, knowing our business much better and working out more effective solutions.”

Social landlords’ drive to decarbonisation forms part of their commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions across the UK by 2050.

Ever increasing numbers of our customers, including repairs contractors and direct labour organisations, have started their journey or are well on their way to modernising their fleets to electric vehicles. This is a long-term investment in the environment, delivering significant cost and sustainability savings.

Axis Europe has undertaken its own digital transformation project, including replacing DRS for scheduling for 500 operatives.

David Smith, Group Digital Transformation Director – Amey, added: “Working with FLS is helping Amey to bring a step change of experience, both for the families receiving our service and for the tradespeople delivering it. It is improving the accuracy and transparency of day-to-day operations, helping us to significantly reduce average travel time for colleagues by as much as 50%, in turn reducing our overall environmental impact.”

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