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Two in five social housing residents living with maintenance issues

38% of UK social housing residents are living with unresolved maintenance issues in their homes, which is impacting their mental and physical health.

The research by Plentific into the UK housing sector shows that 73% of residents have had a maintenance issue in their home in the past 12 months, with almost half (49%) experiencing three or more issues.

Over a third of residents (35%) reported that current unresolved maintenance issues are impacting their physical and mental health.

A third of residents have experienced damp or mould issues in the last 12 months. Despite 60% claiming this is an emergency or urgent, 60% of those residents said the issue had not been resolved.

Among the maintenance problems residents have faced in the past year, according to Plentific’s latest survey report:

  • Over a third (38%) have had issues relating to the temperature of their homes
  • More than a quarter (30%) have had plumbing issues
  • Nearly a third (32%) have had issues with noise levels.

The research shows the stark impact of the cost-of-living-crisis on UK social housing residents, with less than a third (32%) having any disposable income each month after covering basic living costs.

Despite this, over the last year, almost a quarter (23%) of residents are spending 10 or more hours of their own time and £50 of their own money to resolve maintenance issues.

Cem Savas, CEO of Plentific, said: “In the UK, winter presents distinct challenges for people’s homes, with social housing residents grappling with myriad issues including damp, mould and low temperatures, all of which are exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis. 

“Digitalising the maintenance process through a real-time resident facing app is one way of addressing the issue. It streamlines requests, reduces response times and ensures timely repairs, fostering resident satisfaction and creating a seamless experience for both landlords, property managers and residents. In an era dominated by digital solutions, the simple solution should be more commonplace.

“Providing safe and warm homes is crucial to the well-being of social housing residents and communities. By embracing technology, a healthier future is possible for social housing residents across the UK.”

Damp and mould are a particular issue during the winter months in the UK. Unresolved maintenance issues are impacting the quality of life for residents, underscoring the pressing need for a transformative approach to better serve the needs of residents.

About Plentific

Plentific is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and Marketplace developed to connect owners, operators, service providers, and residents in a single place, facilitating real-time property operations. Recognised for its award-winning solutions, Plentific helps streamline operations, unlock resources, enhance resident satisfaction, and ensure asset safety. Users benefit from data-driven insights that prompt action, resulting in tangible impact.

Plentific’s solutions include Damp and Mould, Work Order Management, Resident Engagement, Supply Chain Management, Inspections and Compliance Management.

Committed to building stronger communities where people can thrive, Plentific leverages technology to enhance the lives of 3M+ residents and businesses of 25,000+ service providers worldwide.

About the research

 The research was conducted online from 18th to 24th October 2023 and comprised a survey of 352 renters in the UK, with 176 social housing residents.

Before being screened, the sample is representative of gender, age, voting behaviour, and region where they live.

With a confidence level of 95%, the Margin of Error is approximately ± 5%.

For more information on the research methodology, please contact

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