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Compliance Areas

Domestic and communal compliance and management of remedial works

Domestic and communal compliance, lightning protection and management of remedial works

Domestic and communal compliance and management of remedial works

Lifts, playgrounds and pressure vessels compliance, servicing and
management of remedial works

FRA and equipment servicing compliance and management of remedial works

About True Compliance
The pressure continues to mount on safety and compliance professionals and responsible persons in the UK. It has never been a more important time to question the tools we are using and if they are giving us value as we work to keep people safe in their homes. It is against this backdrop that True Compliance was formed.

True Compliance exists to help compliance professionals in the housing sector to keep their residents safe.

The way we do this is by providing cutting edge cloud based tools that modernise and digitise processes that are still commonly done on spreadsheets and offline “system workarounds”. We want to make it quicker and easier for compliance professionals to manage, spot and solve problems.

True Compliance was founded by housing compliance and tech professionals. We have done the job and understand the challenges you face. It is our mission to improve safety for residents through modern and effective compliance management thus achieving “True Compliance”
“The big six and beyond”
✓ Gas
✓ Electrical
✓ Fire safety
✓ Water hygiene
✓ Asbestos
✓ Insurance inspections…
and many more!

Key Features
1) Certificate loading from PDFs

The system makes loading your data as  simple as possible. Your contractors can  upload direct into True Compliance. Just drag and drop the certificates in and they are securely uploaded to the system. What then happens is that the system uses Artificial Intelligence to recognise the certificate type before lifting all the data off the PDF and storing it in the database. The certificate is saved against each property by using the information from the certificate, so even if named incorrectly it will still go to the correct property. We want to ensure that the certificate is compliant, as we only want good clean accurate data in True Compliance. So the certificate will be checked against the standard compliance rules for its certificate type as well as any bespoke rules you have.

2) Inbox

Each user will have their own TC inbox which  is used to inform them of any action that they need to complete, either as an outcome of a compliance visit (e.g. fire actions, meter bonding) or where the system may need their input (errors with the input records or user intervention) Any remedial actions or rejections for a contractor to complete can be sent to the contractor directly and you can set True Compliance to alert you if it hasn’t received an update within a described time period.
The ‘groups’ feature allows managers to see an overview of all their team’s actions which can be drilled into, with escalations for overdue or upcoming actions easily created “

3) Widgets

When we built the system we designed it from the ground up to be fully customisable, not just by organisation but by user and that’s because we have utilised the POWER OF WIDGETS. We wanted the system to be customisable because too often a new process or procedure is shelved or altered because the software providers charges excessive amounts for any slight changes to their system. We believe that this stifles innovation and we want you to be innovative and work the best way possible for you. So we will not charge you for any new widgets and all widgets are free to download.

4) Dashboard & Reports

Now that there is good clean data in the system you want to be able to see key performance indicators quickly and easily. True Compliance ensures that not only is your data live, it’s is easily accessible. The tile widgets on the homepage give you real time, live data on where your compliance is. These tiles can show a whole host of KPIs in a number of different formats like percentages, graphs and charts. These are available in the widget store and can display any of your KPIs. New Tiles can be requested at any times free of charge.

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“True Compliance is a modern, effective way to manage compliance with no human error and has the flexibility to integrate with any existing legacy systems. It not only reports compliance in real time; it takes compliance data and uses it to manage access and legal processes. It has made a huge (positive) difference in the way we manage our compliance and access process.”

“True Compliance will remove the possibility of accidentally overwriting or deleting key compliance data in a spreadsheet. This keeps me awake at night, but True Compliance will put an end to this. You can’t put a price on that.”

“We chose True Compliance a,s it offers us a one stop shop to achieve our golden thread of all our data compliance. It also facilitates ease of KPII reporting to corporate and external bodies.

True Compliance was the only provider that could hold alll
compliance in one pllace that also gives us a real time view of our compliance at the drop of a hat.”