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Trent & Dove unveils new fleet of 39 vans

One of the new lorries is so large it can almost ‘fit a house inside’, providing a more efficient service for customers.
Trent and Dove vans

The lorry can transport generously donated furniture to the not-for-profit organisation’s homes for new residents who may not have sofas, chairs or tables when they move into their new property.

The fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle replaces Trent & Dove’s smaller flatbed truck in which furniture had to be covered with sheeting during adverse weather conditions creating delays in transportation.

The lorry forms part of a new fleet of 39 vehicles ranging from vans to trucks and lorries and featuring the association’s new branding. There are five varieties of vehicle including Doblo, Scudo, and Ducato. Each boast Trent & Dove’s new branding.

The vans are fully kitted out with hand wash facilities, van racking to suit the needs of each trades type to ensure their stock is safe and secure, ladder racks and even dash cameras to safeguard the staff when out and about.

Each vehicle is also tracked to ensure we can protect the teams when lone working and for insurance purposes.

Nick Sutton, Head of Property at Trent & Dove, said: “We are excited to reveal our fleet of 39 vans and our team are now enjoying the benefits.

“The investment in the fleet has seen, not only brand-new vans of various specifications, sizes and types, to suit the needs of our skilled team of tradespeople, but also a huge enhancement into the image of Trent & Dove.

“The new specifications allow us to work more efficiently and smarter to suit the needs of our customers and communities.

“The investment in the fleet is a great step forward for the organisation and shows the commitment that Trent & Dove has to its customer and to achieving its long-term goals to provide safe and well-maintained homes.”


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