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About Trace Solutions

We doubt that any organisation knows more about service charges than Trace Solutions.

Founded almost 50 years ago, Trace was the very first company to develop computerised property management systems in the UK.

To this day, our (now much updated!) software powers most of the major private sector managing agents, from Carter Jonas to CBRE. It also manages the corporate estates of household names like John Lewis, Travis Perkins and Kwik Fit.

And in recent years, the service charge expertise that we developed for the highly regulated private sector has been eagerly sought by many of the larger housing associations, including Peabody, Together, and Thirteen Group.

These organisations have recognised the need for an auditable and controlled approach to service charges, to replace the widespread (and rather dangerous) use of vast, unwieldy spreadsheets.

Our BlueBox software integrates easily with their existing housing systems and has removed layer upon layer of manual processes.

Despite our growing success in the market, the sector clearly has some way to go when it comes to service charges. The gap between service charge income and service charge expenditure remains hugely in the red, reaching a record £450m in 2022.

Thats a lot of extra homes that could have been built, had a more robust system like BlueBox been in place.

More about the company

Trace Solutions forms one third of the Trace Group: a supplier of mission-criticalsoftware to specialist financial sectors. The group turns over around £22m a year.

We were founded in 1974, and went public in 1989. But after 18 years as a plc, quoted on the London Stock Exchange, we are now wholly owned and run by our employees.

That status was assured in 2007, when Richard Wolfe used his own personal shareholding to fund a contested but ultimately successful management buyout.

Trace thus became the first ever company to move from public ownership to employee share ownership, without the need for external financing.

This puts us completely in control of our own destiny. Employee ownership protects us from speculators and keeps us keenly focused on the needs of our British customer base.

Trace Group was placed 35th in the 2020 Sunday Times list of the UKs fastest growing companies.

We have around 300 private sector property clients – including agents, investors, owners and corporate occupiers – as well as a growing presence in social housing. Many clients have been with us for years.

Reflecting the ethos of our founder, we also fund many charitable activities. We control the £750k Trace Charitable Trust which donates to worthy small projects; we are a tech partner and fundraiser for homelessness charity LandAid; and we are a major investor in Home REIT, which has put some £713m into not-for-profit housing partners, specifically to alleviate homelessness.

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“Marvellous. Absolutely marvellous!”

Claire Vasey, Thirteen Group

A huge help

Roisin Vallely, Together Housing

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Martin Watson, PA Housing

“Makes a massive difference

Rob Thompson, Thirteen Group