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Together Housing Group achieves Investors in Diversity award

Together Housing Group has been recognised for its strong commitment to establish an equal, diverse and inclusive (EDI) workplace.

The National Centre for Diversity has awarded the northern Housing Group with the conditional achievement of the Investors in Diversity (IiD) standard. The accolade is recognised as the national equality standard, providing organisations with a bespoke approach for improving Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement (FREDIE) practices in the workplace.

Over the last few years Together Housing Group has shown clear evidence of setting up strong foundations in EDI before starting their journey with IiD, which was solidified by the appointment of an EDI lead manager, the development of an EDI committee from Chair of the Board and CEO and creation of an EDI action plan.

More recently, Together Housing Group has integrated FREDIE at all levels of its operations. The organisation’s policies set a standard for all current and new staff members to understand and work to FREDIE principles.

Following a successful review by the National Centre for Diversity in September 2023, Together Housing Group was awarded the achievement based on three points of satisfaction. The first provided evidence that the organisation appropriately addressed any urgent issues exposed by the first diagnostic survey which showed low numbers in staff witnessing any inappropriate behaviour or discrimination.

The Group also shows a tangible commitment to FREDIE and IiD with regular EDI committee meetings that focus on several EDI areas to improve as well as having a Diversity Grants £10k fund offering up to £1k for community groups to put on events that promote diversity and cohesion.

The third point examined the creation of a live action plan which is added to and updated as time progresses, showing the organisation’s efforts in prioritising, resourcing, and making good progress in areas they have chosen to focus on so far so that the organisation will be ready for a full review within nine months.

Emma Tomkinson, Assistant Director for The People Team at Together Housing Group said: “We’re thrilled to see that our drive to establish a sustainably equal, diverse and inclusive workplace has been recognised at a national level.

“It’s imperative to us at Together Housing Group that all our colleagues feel safe, value and included. This starts right at recruitment and permeates throughout every aspect of our colleague’s employment.

“With FREDIE at the core of our business strategy, we’re confident we can continue exploring way to promote a diverse workplace culture for all that celebrates all our differences. This is good for staff, but most importantly is good for our customers.”

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