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Together appoints Kasira Ahmed as Diversity & Inclusion Partner

Together Housing Group has appointed marketing professional Kasira Ahmed to the role, replacing Tahir Idris.
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Having spent five years leading business development and marketing for the Group’s charity, Newground Together, Kasira is pushing the boundaries for her professional development once again, with her new role.

As a British Pakistani woman, Kasira’s personal and professional experiences provided her with ample motivation to step into the role. She said: “I grew up in Leicester, one of the most diverse cities in the UK, and I’ve always lived amongst people with very different backgrounds and life experience.

“Developing and implementing plans to promote diversity across such an already diverse organisation requires empathy, enthusiasm and passion which is exactly what I will to bring into the role.

“In marketing, you take a value and a product and marry the two together. In this role I’m looking at the values Together Housing holds and exploring how they resonate with our residents and our staff, who are the face of our organisation.”

“My first priority is to look at how we open those conversations right across the Group and my marketing and development background will help that to happen.”

The appointment comes at a time when the housing group is working towards Investors in Diversity status and taking on the multiple challenges facing social landlords.

Kasira is part of a group of staff who have completed the FREDIE (fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement) Management Course, a upskilling participants to lead in an inclusive style.

Emma Tomkinson, Assistant Director of People Services at Together Housing Group added: “Kasira is already well known in the Group for her work in marketing, but it’s been fantastic to appoint her to this new role.

“Kasira has the passion to implement improvements and the courage to challenge which will drive the inclusive staff culture we already have even further, as well as ensuring our FREDIE approach to tenants is first class. I’m delighted to welcome her to the team.”



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