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Thirteen partners with Switchee to install tech in its homes

A North East housing association is installing smart devices in its homes to help its customers have greater control over their energy usage.
Switchee Thirteen 1

Thirteen, which manages around 35,0000 homes in the North East and Yorkshire has partnered with tech company Switchee to install the smart devices.

The first phase to install 1,000 devices is underway, to coincide with this year’s planned investment programme. Installations will also take place in currently empty homes, before new customers move in.

Data from the device is shared with teams to give a greater insight into the condition and performance of the homes, identifying risks such as damp and mould and fuel poverty. It can provide an early warning to flag potential faults within heating systems and improve communication between the housing provider and its residents.

Thirteen’s head of environmental sustainability Samantha Granger said: “As we head towards the colder months, we expect our customers who have the device installed to see how it can help them to control their energy usage.

“This partnership with Switchee will help us to understand more about the condition of our homes and provide us with valuable information to support the way we invest in the future.”

Jayne Elliot, business account manager, Switchee said: “Thirteen’s commitment to proactively manage their homes and the well-being of their customers is an exciting partnership for Switchee. Together we can use data and insights to improve the quality of life for people in rented homes.”

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