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Thirteen joins national campaign to highlight urgent action on climate change

Housing company Thirteen is taking part in a nationwide campaign this week to highlight the need for urgent action on climate change.

The climate action campaign known as the Great Big Green Week, takes place until 18 June and will see thousands of people across the UK organising local events to raise awareness of climate change and the impact it is having now.

In its third year, the campaign events aim to draw attention to climate change and destruction of the natural world, while also making a connection with these issues in communities.

From community litter picks, gardening projects, upcycling and beach clean-ups, Thirteen is hosting a series of events throughout the week to bring together colleagues, volunteers and community groups, showcasing actions to tackle climate change, creating a better world, for us now and for the next generation.

Thirteen’s head of environmental sustainability Samantha Granger said: “We’re all seeing how climate change can affect us, but we can all do something to reduce our negative impact as a community.

“This national campaign is just one of the ways we can come together with colleagues, our customers and the local community to improve the environment.

“As an organisation, we’ve put down firm foundations to make our homes and business carbon neutral. We’re working on a number of exciting investment projects to make homes more energy efficient and our environmental impact is considered in every business decision.

“From looking at cleaner sources of energy, to managing our waste at our own environmental centre, upcycling furniture to give back to our customers who need a little extra support and creating green spaces within our communities to reduce the risk of flooding – everything we’re doing is taking us one step further towards our ambitions of being a greener organisation.”




The Great Big Green Week is organised by The Climate Coalition, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change, whose members include the National Trust, WWF, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB.

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