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Delve into a world of possibilities. Where unstructured data becomes structured, where decisions are based on facts, where your data becomes your knowledge.

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About TCW

So what is TCW?

In essence, TCW is a unique compliance and asset management software package which provides granular insight into quality assurance, competence and compliance.

Where did it start?

TCW was born from frustration, frustration by our CEO when he worked for a Local Authority in the time spent, quality, accuracy and value of data provided to him by the supply chain of the building services (electrical, water, gas, fire) etc. He didn’t want to accept what had become the norm, the 10% check that had become accepted in the industry. He felt the pinpoints and wanted to positively disrupt an industry that is plagued by inefficient processes, to create new ones, to go beyond the ‘tick in the box’ compliance, change mindsets and provide complete assurance.

What does this mean?

The technology retrofits seamlessly into clients current process and utilises all data contained in compliance certificates, increasing visibility of stock and quality through a single searchable database to go beyond the “statutory compliance data” driven mindset. Gathering and utilising meaningful data provides duty holders with assurance that they are minimising risk and maximising safety.

Which compliance disciplines?

TCW ingests compliance certificates and reports, produced by any certification tool. This includes the “Big 6’ within property management, but there are 100 different compliance disciplines within the software from gas, electric, asbestos, fire, DDA, legionella, CCTV, invoicing … the list goes on.

How does this make a difference?

Providing an in-depth analysis of compliance whilst trending and benchmarking the performance of assets is game-changing, and removes the document by document management currently adopted throughout the UK. TCW checks all essential data alongside regulations and client-specific requirements. Through the grading systems, the technology provides a continuous monitoring process flagging red assets when a clients Corporate Risk Profile increases from the information they received from the workforce/contractors. This transparency enables unbiased and truly informed decisions to be made.

To manage compliance and assurance organisations need to be proactive in understanding areas of their infrastructure that are likely to fail, and at what rate. If you operate purely reactively to issues that arise you can only fix those issues. Understanding the risk model from a high level based on document storage and innate servicing is essential, however, understanding the granular level insights TCW provides gives organisations the ability to act and remove the smallest of potential risk.

How is TCW unique?

The documents upload, analysis, verification, actions etc are fully automated with no human interaction. We give clients the ability to access data that was previously locked in PDF documents and stored in multiple locations. Thousands of documents fully checked and actioned upon in minutes meaning the workforce can focus on managing the risk as opposed to finding it.

When clients are given access to all of their data they can spot trends and inconsistencies, monitor engineer competencies and identify areas for training. Deterioration factors and obsolescence planning is improved. Searching for a serial number of appliances that have been issued with safety warnings becomes a quick task. The benefits are vast. At TCW we understand that one solution doesn’t fit all, organisational requirements need to be managed to fit their existing management processes. We ensure that our clients can go beyond a tick in the ‘compliance box’, and help them ensure their Housing Stock meets the needs and standards for the future.

Currently holding over 1 million Social Housing assets from around the UK, TCW provides unrivalled compliance management capabilities to some of the major providers of Social Housing.

TCW – the only product Turning Information into Insight.


Brian Fairie

Team Manager (Fife Council)

TCW enables us to check certificates as soon as they are received and any issues are highlighted by the software immediately. This has enabled us to reduce risks due to human error and has improved our ability to fulfil our Duty of Care as prescribed by The Defective Premises Act 1972.

Cameron Jeffrey

Tenant Safety Manager (Grand Union)

I was looking for a solution that could fit directly with our own legacy systems, that our team could use and understand easily, that would be efficient and provide a strong return on our investment. As the software was designed from a social housing perspective this was inherently understood which results in a solution that fixes the issues we face.

Kirsty Thomas

Head of Business Performance and Change (Liberty)

Our social housing clients are of the utmost importace to us. We are delighted that we are now able to confiently verify and check 100% of all the data on our compliance documents.

This will enhance our offering to our existing clients and place us in an even stronger position to secure future business from other leading social landlords and aid our growth plans.