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Sue Musyoki on making the world a more accessible place to live

Celebrating five years of LiveWest’s customer scrutiny group, Sue shares her experience with the group so far.
Sue and our colleague 1

Fuelled by her passion to help make the world an easier place to live for disabled people and to share her experiences, Sue Musyoki joined LiveWest’s customer scrutiny group a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

InFocus is LiveWest’s volunteer scrutiny group where its residents feedback to the housing association on the services for over 80,000 of its customers.

With the group now celebrating the group’s fifth anniversary, the housing association is proud to announce they now have over 50 residents involved.

Sue said: “I really wanted to get involved because I wanted to share my experiences as a disabled person and be involved in a group where you can have your voice heard… I think collectively together, we can make our voices heard.

“I’ve just enjoyed being involved with InFocus so much, listening to what’s been said and then making recommendations.

“We are getting good support from LiveWest, where we have presentations people across the business who attend where I can share my lived experiences.

“To be able to share my experiences and for people to listen to me, and for people of authority to listen to me, it’s amazing.”

Sue settled down by moving in with her husband and fell in love with her first accessible home seven years ago.

She said: “I love this home because it’s adapted for my needs… I just love it because this is the first property that I’ve moved into which is totally accessible.

“My home is a wheelchair accessible property. I have wide doors for my wheelchairs so I can easily go through the doors and the floor surface is ideal for my wheelchairs.

“The light switches  and the plug sockets are both at the right angle for me.

“It’s just nice to be able to move around the rooms completely without having to think,  ‘oh no, how am I going to open that window’ because I can’t reach it. It’s just so lovely to have everything at my level and an oven that I can use.”

With a home comfortable for her needs, Sue uses some of her time outside of her work schedule for an Exeter-based charity, which helps disabled and those in the deaf and sensory community, to further influence change and promote inclusivity in society.

As more of its residents have become involved, the scrutiny group has developed into three areas: friends of InFocus, service reviews and the policy and strategy and performance group.

Sue joins the Service Review Group once a week to review the housing associations services  and is proud to give her feedback.

She said: “Just being involved and sharing my experiences and being able to share information with the other members of the group, that’s what I’ve been proud of.”

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