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Stef & Philips launch temporary accommodation support

Stef & Philips is thrilled to launch the Stef & Philips Foundation - a charitable initiative to support those in temporary accommodation.

The decision to launch the Foundation stems from the company’s first-hand experience of the challenges faced by those living in this sector of social housing and the need for additional support beyond just bricks and mortar. As a result, the Foundation will provide essential items, training, education, and community projects to improve thousands of lives across the UK.

Current figures show the harsh reality that in England alone, more than 100,000 households and 130,000 children are in temporary accommodation – an increase of 10% since last year. Living in long-term temporary and emergency accommodation can have a long-lasting impact on individuals, including ongoing trauma, ill health, missed opportunities and delayed development, making this funding and support more critical than ever.

“Stef & Philips has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of homelessness on adults and children. As such, we are immensely proud to launch the Stef & Philips Foundation,” shares Alexandra Taliadoros, Director of the Stef & Philips Foundation. “This funding will empower individuals and families who find themselves in temporary or emergency accommodation to access the necessities and support that many of us take for granted, ultimately helping them change their situation and fulfil their potential.”

The Foundation provides personal grants of up to £200 and project grants of up to £2,000, with three funding rounds open for application each year. In its first two years, the Foundation will concentrate its efforts on London, where the number of homeless children surpasses the combined figures for the rest of England.

Many of the grants will provide critical personal support in the form of bedding sets, clothing, baby bottle warmers or courses that provide education or promote mental and physical health. Others will contribute to projects such as developing playgrounds, libraries, and other community initiatives that children and families may not currently have access to but need to help them thrive.

The Foundation’s inaugural project, the Toys for Joy Appeal – launched last month – will bring joy to over 600 children living in temporary and emergency accommodation this Christmas. Thanks to the generosity of employees, partners, vendors, and the public more than 600 children living in emergency and temporary accommodation managed by Stef & Philips will receive a gift this holiday season.

Chris Philippou, CEO & Founder of Stef & Philips said: “We are thrilled that our first appeal has gone so well.  We see every day the difficulties people that have found themselves without a place to call home face, and how hard it can be to get back on their feet. We see people coming to us with nothing – even the basic necessities – but this Foundation will finance opportunities to enable them to improve their circumstances.

“The wider support just isn’t there for this community currently, and with the current homelessness crisis there are not enough community facilities to support families and individuals in temporary and emergency accommodation. The first grant funding round starts immediately which means we will be able to start making a difference right away.”

The Foundation will raise funds through direct donations, events, and dedicated appeals and thanks to Stef & Philips Ltd covering all the Foundation running costs, 100% of every donation directly contributes to grant funding.

To be eligible for Foundation support, individuals must be living in temporary or emergency accommodation in a London borough. Organisations seeking funding must focus on community initiatives promoting social inclusion and welfare for those in temporary or emergency accommodation in a London borough.

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