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RSH publishes TSM data return guidance for social landlords

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published guidance on how landlords need to submit their Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM).

RSH has also confirmed that landlords which own more than 1,000 homes must submit their first TSM data return by 30 June 2024.

Social landlords must follow RSH’s requirements when submitting the TSM results to ensure they are accurate, consistent and transparent. The guidance also includes important requirements around background and contextual information to support understanding of the results.

This is part of RSH’s ongoing work to ensure reliable information is available to tenants so they can hold their landlord to account.

The TSMs are an important part of RSH’s new toolkit and will help inform its regulation. The results will be part of the information RSH uses to scrutinise landlords’ performance, along with a range of other regulatory data and its inspection programme.

Will Perry, Director of Strategy at RSH, said: “Landlords must follow our TSM data return guidance to make sure they submit consistent and transparent TSMs that tenants can use to hold them to account.

“The TSMs are one part of our stronger regulation, which will also include new consumer standards and inspections from next April. We will be ready, and landlords need to make sure they are too.”

The data return guidance is available to social landlords via RSH’s NROSH+ data collection website.

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