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RSH publishes regulatory notice for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Following a self-referral, the regulator confirmed that the council did not meet a range of health and safety requirements in thousands of its tenants’ homes.

In a regulatory notice published on 27 April 2023, the Regulator of Social Housing concluded that Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (Dudley MBC) has breached the Home Standard. As a result, there was potential for serious detriment to tenants.

The council failed to carry out over 8,000 remedial fire safety actions, as well as around 500 annual asbestos safety inspections. In addition, it reported that around 4,000 homes had not had an electrical inspection within the past 10 years, and over 300 homes had overdue gas safety inspections. The council did not have full or accurate data on compliance with the Decent Homes Standard.

Dudley MBC has put a programme in place to rectify these issues, including a condition survey of all its homes over the next 12 months, and the regulator is monitoring it closely as it delivers this work.

Kate Dodsworth, Director of Consumer Regulation at RSH, said: “Dudley Council has failed to meet health and safety requirements and has put its tenants at potential risk. The council referred itself to us when it identified these issues, and we are monitoring it closely as it takes urgent action to put things right.”

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