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RSH publishes regulatory judgement for East End Homes Limited

In a regulatory judgement the Regulator of Social Housing has found that East End Homes Limited (East End Homes) is non-compliant with the governance element of the economic standards and downgraded it to G3 status.

Following an in-depth assessment and investigation, the regulator concluded that East End Homes does not have adequate governance, risk management or control frameworks in place. In addition, the regulator does not have assurance that the provider’s board has managed the organisation with appropriate skill, independence or foresight.

East End Homes has failed to demonstrate that it is appropriately identifying and managing its risks. Issues with the provider’s data have resulted in a weak understanding of its tenants’ homes, and it is unable to assure the regulator that they meet the Decent Homes Standard.

As a result of the regulator’s investigation, East End Homes has commissioned external consultants to develop an improvement plan and an asset management strategy. The provider is also carrying out condition surveys of its tenants’ homes.

Harold Brown, RSH’s Senior Assistant Director for Investigations and Enforcement, said: “Our investigation found issues in the way that East End Homes is run, including weaknesses in its board, an inadequate approach to risk management and poor-quality data on its tenants’ homes.

“East End Homes is working to improve the way it is governed, and we will continue to monitor the provider as it works to return to compliance.”

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