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RSH invites small social landlords to take part in Tenant Satisfaction Measures data pilot

The regulator of social housing is inviting small registered providers (those who own fewer than 1,000 homes) to take part in its Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) data collection pilot scheme.

The aims of the pilot are to:

  • Understand from small providers their experience so far in collecting the TSMs and any issues they may have encountered.
  • Understand the potential benefits and challenges of RSH collecting small provider TSM data.
  • Test potential approaches for RSH to collect this data in a robust and proportionate way.

The regulator introduced the TSMs in April 2023, and all social landlords need to collect and report the results to their tenants. Landlords with 1,000 or more homes also need to submit the results to the regulator.

In response to consultation feedback, the regulator committed to carrying out a voluntary pilot with small providers to consider the possibility of collecting their TSM data too. The pilots will underpin the regulator’s final thinking on this.

Small providers who take part in the pilots will submit their TSM data for 2023/24 to the regulator and provide initial feedback on their experience so far. The regulator will also ask some volunteers to take part in interviews and focus groups throughout the process.

The regulator is seeking volunteers from a range of small providers, including local authorities, to join the pilot. Small providers are encouraged to register their interest via the regulator’s website.

Will Perry, Director of Strategy at the Regulator of Social Housing, said: “This is an important opportunity for small providers to tell us about their experience of collecting TSMs so far, and discuss the potential options for submitting their data to us. We encourage all types of small provider to sign up so they can help inform our thinking.

“All social landlords need to collect TSMs. They are a key pillar of new consumer regulation, which will help tenants hold their landlords to account.”

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