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Raven Housing Trust unveils sustainability training hub for tenants

Raven Housing Trust has transformed one of its properties into a sustainability training hub as part of its decarbonisation and retrofit programme.

Raven’s decarbonisation and retrofit programme involves upgrading up to 700 of its homes in the Redhill area with energy saving technologies using funds from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund and its own investment.

This initiative forms part of Raven’s overarching commitment to creating, warmer, sustainable, affordable homes, while reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The new training hub in Redhill is equipped with solar panels, battery storage technology, modern ventilation systems, low-energy lighting, double glazed windows and wall insulation. Raven’s expert staff will be on hand to perform demonstrations and answer any questions.

Raven is inviting its customers living in the area whose homes are due to benefit from some or all these upgrades as part of its decarbonisation and retrofit programme, to visit the hub, where they can learn about the technologies firsthand and get a good understanding of how they work, as well as their benefits.

Anthony Day, Sustainability Manager at Raven Housing Trust, said: “Some of our customers may be unfamiliar with solar panels and battery storage, both of which are relatively new technologies, as well as managing humidity through wall insulation, extractor fans, and double glazing to prevent damp and mould.

“Our new training hub aims to empower and educate our customers by demonstrating these technologies, how they will be fitted into their homes and how they can help people manage their energy use and heating effectively. It marks a significant milestone in Raven’s commitment to creating energy-efficient, future-ready homes.”

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