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Plentific launches Planned Maintenance solution for UK housing

Plentific’s Planned Maintenance solution enables users to schedule and automate maintenance workflows to optimise resources.

Plentific, the real-time property operations platform, announces the launch of a new solution — Planned Maintenance. This addition to the Plentific platform will enable housing providers to shift operations from a responsive to a proactive maintenance approach, addressing resourcing issues to increase resident satisfaction.

Planned maintenance helps with effective budgeting, planning, scheduling and execution of recurring repairs and maintenance tasks, focusing on preventative measures to maintain a property’s condition and safety standards. Process automation is fundamental to reducing pressures on operational teams through a reduction in manual work, meeting critical deadlines and enhancing overall service delivery through a proactive approach.

“The industry is facing several critical challenges at once, which are having a direct impact on effective property management. Of paramount priority is bringing a property’s condition and safety in line with regulations and meeting resident expectations,” said Cem Savas, Co-Founder and CEO of Plentific. “This solution has the potential to reduce the volume of responsive repairs, help organisations meet regulatory requirements to safeguard residents and enhance overall operational resilience.”

The Planned Maintenance solution will be added to Plentific’s existing offerings including – Work Order Management, Resident Engagement, Supply Chain Management, Inspections and Compliance Management.

Plentific’s Planned Maintenance solution features:

●      Work Order Schedule Creation – Plan and execute recurring tasks systematically for automated work order creation. Enhance planned maintenance visibility and ensure consistency and compliance.

●      Work Order Dispatch Automation – Streamline the process by automatically assigning tasks to in-house operatives or contractors. Achieve automated maintenance workflows to reduce administrative overheads.

●      Built-in Inspections – Integrate inspections seamlessly with work order schedules. Minimise the need for major unplanned repairs and mitigate the risk of emergency repairs.

●      Reporting and Analytics – Centralise work order history and effectively manage upcoming schedules. Utilise insights to track performance, identify patterns, and recognise trends to optimise business operations.

Planned maintenance not only ensures the structural integrity of buildings but helps to keep track of compliance assets including periodic checks on elements such as fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and window guards. In addition, housing providers can stay on top of planned maintenance schedules for in-unit appliances such as boilers and amenities in communal areas, such as AC units and lifts. Users of Plentific’s Planned Maintenance solution can expect to reduce the cost of a work order by 150% when applied to the cost of a responsive repair vs maintaining the same asset.

A planned maintenance strategy enhances cost-effective resource utilisation, improving budget accuracy, responsive repairs and reducing overtime expenses. Proactive management minimises disruptions from unplanned work and decreases backlogs, streamlining operations for internal teams and Direct Labor Organisations (DLOs). This approach also mitigates the risk of resident dissatisfaction by addressing repairs and maintenance needs promptly. Furthermore, a proactive approach minimises unplanned downtime, contributing to overall resident satisfaction. A recent Plentific study found that 70% of renters’ needs are unmet within an appropriate timeframe, impacting satisfaction.

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