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Platform’s looks to the future with new board members

Platform Housing Group, has seen its Board members change this year due to retirements, but sees the addition of valuable expertise in 2023.

Ian Ailles is the latest recruit who joins Jane Wynne and Abi Rushton, each bringing with them unique skillsets and diverse experience that support them in their role as advisors and champions of the customer.

Ian will be Chairing the Group Audit and Risk Committee utilising  his years of experience in the housing, health and education sectors, whilst Jane will be Chairing the newly created Assets and Sustainability Committee using her years of experience in the property and development sectors. Abi, who joined as an Advisor to the Board around Sustainability, will be supporting Board Members across all committees and across Platform as a whole as Platform implements its Sustainability Strategy.

John Weguelin, Chairman of the Board said “As a board we’re very aware of the challenges the sector faces over the  next 12 to 24 months. As we negotiate through the new consumer regulations there will be opportunities to reinforce the work we do to support our customers and communities. We’re optimistic that as a sector we can once again focus on what’s important to our customers and continue to put them at the heart of all we do, something we have championed from our inception here at Platform”.

He continued to add “I’m delighted to welcome our new board members, and advisors, who bring exceptional additional skills to strengthen our Board, and who will be integral to continuing to deliver exceptional customer service to our customers and communities.”

Alongside the traditional board the Group has also welcomed its second cohort of young professionals this year into its Trainee Board Programme. Parham Hashemi, Laurens de Rooij, Heidi Leyshon, Mikhaila Crosby and Nkechi Vivien Ashiedu have joined the programme in a bid to promote diversity within Board rooms within housing, whilst learning valuable skills from their board member mentors.


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