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Tenmat passive fire protection allows housebuilders to create fire-safe homes

Passive Fire Protection products and measures are equally important in low to medium-rise dwelling houses, such as semi-detached homes, terraced houses, townhouses and apartments as they are in multi-storey developments.

The reason for this is that these types of homes are also susceptible to the risk of fire. This risk of fire spread exists when electrical and mechanical services are installed through walls, ceilings and floors or an open path within concealed cavities is left unprotected. This can result in a serious reduction in the fire rating and the ability of the structure to limit and resist fire spread.
For this reason, TENMAT has developed and fire tested a range of passive fire protection products, including Firestop Penetration Seals and Cavity Fire Barriers to address the above issues and allow housebuilders to adhere to the regulations set about in ‘Buildings Regulations Approved Document B’.
With TENMAT Fire protection in place, housebuilders can be confident that the homes they are creating are fire safe.

Our video outlines the broad range of Passive Fire Protection that TENMAT offers to housebuilders.

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