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Over 1,000 people housed in newly built properties by JV North

More than four people a day were given new homes by a North West social housebuilding consortium in the past financial year.
JV North Chair John Bowker

Performance figures from JV North show in the region of 1,056 people moved into newly built properties in the 261 working days of 2023/24.

A total of 352 new homes were built by consortium members with a further 268 starting on site.

Chair of JV North and Executive Director of Operations at Stockport Homes, John Bowker, said: “Given the very difficult operating environment, we continue delivering homes for people who need them most with over £232,600 invested every working day by members in partnership with Homes England.

“This performance can be attributed to JV North’s ongoing determination to address the housing crisis and the benefits of being part of the consortium where challenges are tackled together.

“As the general election moves ever closer, it is vital the sector capitalises on this opportunity to push housebuilding up the agenda.

“To solve the housing crisis we need a cross-party supported housing plan with clear policy and financial commitments running through multiple Parliamentary terms.”

JV North members are Bury Council, Cobalt Housing, Johnnie Johnson Housing, One Manchester, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, Muir Group, Plus Dane Housing, Sovini, Stockport Homes, Torus, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

In February, the consortium built its 10,000th home and passed the £1bn investment mark in partnership with Homes England which resulted in 30,000 people receiving new homes.

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