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Orbit partners with CAMM to offer debt and energy advice

Orbit has entered into a new partnership with Citizens Advice Mid Mercia (CAMM) to offer customers free money management and energy advice.

CAMM will support customers by providing debt and budgeting advice and supporting people to claim relevant grants and benefits that they are entitled to. The service also offers impartial energy advice including switching providers to save money and applications for the Warm Home Discount.

Orbit customers can access the service via its Better Days programme which offers a range of free services to every customer designed to support financial and digital inclusion, mental wellbeing, employment and skills.

Helen Gleadell, Better Days Manager for Orbit commented: “Whilst we’ve seen a welcome reduction in both inflation and energy prices this year, we know that the reality for many of our customers is that managing the everyday cost of living is still a challenge. The main aim of this new professional and confidential service is to empower customers manage their money effectively, in order to support them through any immediate financial challenges but also providing the tools to make financial decisions independently in the future. We’re delighted to partner with a trusted charity our customers will recognise.”

Sarah Brown, Chief Operating Officer of CAMM added: “Citizens Advice Mid Mercia is excited to be a part of this new service offer for Orbit customers; we understand and see daily the pressure that people and their families are facing during the current cost of living crisis. Financial constraints places pressure on relationships, the family unit and goes way further than the presenting problem. This is why at Citizens Advice we provide a holistic approach to ensure that advice is appropriate, impartial and independent and considers all factors within a person’s life to get the best possible outcome.

“We are specialists in supporting people to navigate their difficulties by empowering them to make informed choices and decisions in relation to their finances. All our team are trained, empathetic and skilled at creating a trusting, open and safe environment enabling customers get help without fear of judgment. Following our support we see first hand the impact that advice can have both financially and emotionally, and CAMM are committed to helping Orbit customers to achieve this.”

 A CAMM customer said: ”Citizens Advice have helped me massively with my debts. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help. They spoke with me, discussed all the options to sort my debt out. They advised on the best option but it was ultimately up to me. I chose to go down the route of token offers so now I pay each creditor £2 a month which is affordable for me. I now have more money to myself and don’t have to worry about large payments to creditors which used to leave me with no money.

“They were so friendly, kind and understanding of my needs and they explained things to me and broke them down as I struggle with understanding due to my Asperger’s.

“I would recommend the service to anyone who needs assistance with their debts.”


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