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Northern Housing Consortium marks 50th anniversary with new awards

The Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) has launched a bigger and better version of Unlocking Success, its tenant bursary scheme.
2023 Annual report - 9

This year there are with 50 awards to support people living in homes rented from social housing providers to access training. The number of awards has increased to celebrate the NHC’s 50th anniversary.

This year the NHC is offering a mixture of grants for specific items such as laptops or travel passes, and £500 cash bursaries to support with the cost of learning. The bursaries can be used to cover costs including course fees, travel, equipment, childcare and even living expenses.

Unlocking Success launched in 2019 and has supported 101 people living in social housing with over £36,000 of funding to help them release their ambitions by accessing education or training.

Northern Housing Consortium Chief Executive Tracy Harrison said: “We wanted to put the people who live in social housing at the heart of our 50th anniversary celebrations. We know that costs for things like equipment, travel or even childcare can be a barrier which prevent people on low incomes accessing training. Our bursary scheme helps ease that burden and has already supported over 100 people.

“It’s always inspiring to hear the difference the awards make. This year we’ve pledged to offer 50 awards and have also opened up the scheme to affiliate members who use our procurement services via Consortium Procurement.”

Last year Simone Blount, who is a tenant with NHC member Torus, received a £500 bursary to help her complete training to join the ambulance service. Since she received the bursary, she’s completed the training and got a job with the ambulance service.

After receiving the bursary, Simone said:I have applied for the C1 on my license now, and I can’t wait to start my driver training, which wouldn’t have been possible any time soon without this bursary! I am so happy and grateful to have people supporting and believing in me, and to be chosen for it.

“I am definitely on the right path now and will soon be working and training with North West Ambulance Service as an EMT or training to be a paramedic at Warrington Vale.”

Applications for Unlocking Success awards are now open and will close on 5th July. The application process is quick and easy. Landlords, who are full or affiliate members of the NHC, nominate a person living in a home they own or manage (they do not have to be named on the tenancy but must be aged over 16) for the award, by filling in a short form, which should only take five minutes. The person they’ve nominated sends a short-written pitch or video to explain why they need the funding to support with training or education. You apply via the Unlocking Success website.

The Northern Housing Consortium is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose members own or manage 9 out of 10 socially rented homes in the North. The NHC’s procurement services extend beyond the North, to over 400 members nationally.

The Unlocking Success Bursary is funded through the Northern Housing Consortium Charitable Trust.

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