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New Campaign Aims to Get Generations Across Britain Talking

Highlighting the importance of connection across generations to help challenge ageism and heal Britain’s mental health crisis.

Launched by national not-for-profit, IMM (Intergenerational Music Making), Talking Generations aims to inspire and promote connection between people across the generations, to help tackle social isolation and improve the wellbeing of people of all ages, helping to create stronger, healthier and less age segregated societies across the UK.

IMM delivers programmes, training, campaigning and research to improve the mental and physical well-being of the old and the young in communities across the UK.

The campaign is sponsored by Clarion Housing Group, the country’s largest social landlord, with more than 350,000 people nationwide calling a Clarion home their own. Through its charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, the organisation has been exploring ways to create age friendly communities, helping its residents to lead happier and healthier lives as they age and embedding opportunities for intergenerational connections.

One such initiative is a social action programme delivered by Clarion Futures and its network of partners which brings older and younger residents together to run events, support the needs of their community and tackle local issues, fostering positive relationships across generations.

More than one in five people under the age of 24 and up to 28% of those over the age of 65 are facing problems with their mental health. With the population of the UK rapidly ageing, IMM is urging generations to come together now to help address inequalities across communities and create a brighter future for people of all ages.

The campaign, which launches on 28th May, is calling for people to inspire intergenerational connection by posting images, films and stories of the special connections they share with friends, family members, neighbours or colleagues and the common passion that bridges their age gap.

How to get involved:

  • Find a picture of your special intergenerational person that makes you smile and brings back happy memories
  • Write a caption about the story behind the picture and include the hashtag #TalkingGenerations

Talking Generations aims to challenge the status quo and bust age barrier perceptions. Whether walking, talking, dancing, singing, reading, weeding, baking, making, shopping or Tik Toking – connecting with people of different generations can bring joy to our lives, promote empathy and understanding and provide opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

People who are more socially connected to family, friends, or their community are happier, physically healthier, and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than people who are less well connected. (Mental Health Foundation)

Talking Generations launches with a pop-up event at Waterloo Station on Sunday 28th May from 11am until 2pm with performances from IMM’s Intergenerational Choir made up of people of all ages including care home residents, carers, children with special needs, and children’s choirs. Those passing through the station will be invited to join in the celebration and share their Talking Generations stories.

Emily Abbott, Programme Director at IMM, said: “People across generations have valuable experiences, insights, and perspectives to share, and by bringing different age groups together, we can create a more cohesive and compassionate society.

“Talking Generations is a call for everyone to use their voice to shape how we live, connect, and thrive as a country. We want to question the status quo to end age segregation across the UK. By encouraging and empowering people to engage in conversations across generational divides, we can improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities alike.”

Sarah Mitton, Age Friendly Communities Manager at Clarion Futures, said: “Intergenerational relationships can be a wonderful and enriching part of life for people of all ages, tackling loneliness and isolation and dispelling misconceptions, but sadly we’re living in an increasingly age segregated society.

“Talking Generations can help change that, encouraging intergenerational connections which can make a huge difference to both young and old. We’re proud to be supporting the campaign as we continue our work to create communities where our residents can thrive at any age.”

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