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Magenta Living hosts their annual Block Champions meeting

Block Champions are the eyes and ears of the apartment blocks they live in and help keep the communal areas clean, tidy and safe for everyone.
bloom building

They work with officers on issues such as cleaning, communal repairs, ground maintenance, graffiti, fly-tipping and any other issues that arise.  There are currently around 65 Block Champions who help look after Magenta Living’s flats, extra care schemes and supported housing schemes.

There were a number of presentations throughout the day from charities and partners that Magenta Living work with and support – many of these organisations can offer support to many of our customers and the Block Champions were interested to hear more about them so that they can take the information back to their neighbours and spread the word.

Organisations included:

Happy Times Activities – supporting older adults and adults with disabilities and Autism by offering wellbeing activities that enhance confidence and happiness to support.

Open Door Charity – committed to providing free, fast and effective mental health support at the point that people need it most.

Wirral Silverbacks – a project to reduce isolation of men through activities and community integration (part of

Refresh Wirral – an recycling and up-cycling project operated by Bee Wirral on behalf of Magenta Living and Wirral Council with the aim of diverting waste from landfill, ending furniture poverty and deterring fly-tipping.

Magenta Living’s Property Care Director, Haydn Hansford, said: “Events such as this are so important to ensure we maintain good relationships with our customers and also support the number of incredible charities and social enterprises that we partner with in Wirral.

“The Bloom building was a great venue for this get together and the interaction between our customers, colleagues and partners was great – the atmosphere was buzzing and lots of connections were made during the day.  Of course, it helped that there was lots of good food to help the proceedings run smoothly!”

Carolyn Lewis from Moreton is one of our Block Champions who attended and was lucky enough to win the prize draw on the day.  She said: “I got involved as a Block Champion after working with Magenta Living to improve the outside space of our block.  Magenta listened and worked with us to landscape the area and make it look so much better – investing time and money into the project.  From there, I wanted to do more and signed up mainly to help my neighbours and keep our place nice.

“We help to bridge the gap between tenants and landlord and help to break down barriers.  Magenta Living really wants to work with us – we are all in this together – and they are easy to work with.  For example, we needed a new wheelie bin and once that issue had been raised, we received a new bin in a matter of days.

“Events like this are really good.  Magenta has also organised bus tours which allow us to meet other Block Champions from other areas and see what other blocks have and how they operate.  Since the last bus tour, we have created a WhatsApp group with people from different areas so that we can share information and ideas.”

If you are a Magenta Living customer and would like to get involved – and there are lots of ways to get involved, including Neighbourhood Champions – visit Magenta Connect – Get Involved, call 0808 100 9596 and ask for the Community Regeneration Team or email

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