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King’s Speech lacks commitment to build more affordable homes

Chief executive of Manningham Housing Association criticises the government for not including a commitment to housing in the king's speech.
Lee Bloomfield, MHA Chief Executive

In a statement, Lee Bloomfield said the speech – which is written by Ministers but delivered by King Charles – highlighted that taking homeless people off the streets was not a priority for Ministers after Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s description of homelessness as a “lifestyle choice.”

He said: “The tone for the King’s Speech was set over the weekend when the Home Secretary defined homelessness as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and stated her desire to ban homeless people from sheltering in tents.

“As such, no one should be shocked that taking more homeless people off the streets by building more affordable homes would be at the top of government’s policy agenda between now and the General Election.

“Community-based organisations such as Manningham Housing Associations simply wish to do the right thing for our tenants and, indeed, prospective tenants by expanding the number of properties we have available.

“But we cannot do this alone, the government must take the lead.

“The present administration stopped any pretense that building new homes was a priority when it ditched its target of building 300,000 homes every year, essentially casting housing associations and deprived neighbourhoods in places like Bradford and Keighley adrift.

“By doing so, it chose to snatch away opportunities for better lives that people of all ages living there deserve.

“The absence of any renewed commitment in the King’s Speech to build more new affordable homes is desperately disappointing but, in the wake of Suella Braverman’s crass and heartless comments, not in the least bit surprising.”

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