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The easy, affordable Key Management System for the Housing Sector and beyond.  Keyzapp uses contactless smart fobs to make your keys digital, making staff and contractors more efficient and compliant.

Address: 24 London Road West, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0EZ

Tel: 03300 88 55 00


How it works:

Easy to use – just like contactless payment cards

Automatically initiate processes with a tap

Reduces manual input & improves accuracy

Look up where keys are with a couple of keystrokes

Simple, guided processes – minimal learning required

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device

Automated text messages chase up overdue keys

Record of every click for a secure & thorough audit trail

Easy to view & filter reports for insights on property access

About Keyzapp
Key Management in Housing: A Crucial Responsibility

Keys are fundamental in housing management. If you’re handling as few as 30 or as many as 30,000 keys, you’re likely acquainted with the administrative hassle and compliance risks that arise when keys are not properly managed.

Introducing Keyzapp: Streamlining Key Management in Housing

Established in 2014, Keyzapp is dedicated to eradicating the wasted time, stress, and risks associated with managing physical keys, specifically within the housing sector. Utilizing digital scanning and contactless smart fob technology, Keyzapp is designed to effortlessly integrate into existing processes. This system ensures accountability, accelerates transactions, and grants housing organisations greater control over key management without the necessity for costly infrastructure.

The Power of Collaboration and Compliance

UK Housing Associations using Keyzapp have reported not only monetary savings through reduced key replacements but also many hours saved, which can be better invested in tasks that directly support clients. Furthermore, Keyzapp facilitates cross-departmental collaboration and prevents conflicts over misplaced keys. One housing association reported saving approximately £10,000 over six months.

Security, Compliance, and Tenant Satisfaction

With automatic reminders and alerts to both keyholders and administrators for overdue keys, master key management, and an innovative lost-and-found service, Keyzapp ensures security and compliance are never compromised. Moreover, smoother operations lead to improved tenant experiences, as maintenance and access to communal areas are no longer hindered by key-related issues.

Adaptability with Minimal Learning Curve

Keyzapp adapts to housing associations’ existing processes, ensuring that the implementation is seamless and requires very little training.

Take Control of Your Key Management

If your organisation is looking for an innovative, cost-effective solution to key management, we encourage you to get in touch to explore Keyzapp further.

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“Before I would spend a day a week checking keys in folders at reception. Now I’ve got all that time back.”

“Seeing what is going on without leaving my desk makes life far easier”

Megan James, Link Housing Association

“So easy a child could use it”

Jenny Phoenix, Chester Student Lets