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Housing important issue for voters, according to research

New research from Orbit shows that housing is a key issue for those living in affordable housing in the upcoming General Election.

In a recent survey of Orbit customers to understand their thoughts and concerns regarding current issues within the UK and how these would influence their voting intentions, twice as many (46%) people said that housing was the key election issue most important to them compared to the UK average of 23%*.

Other key findings of the research** included:


  • 65% said that they were absolutely certain to vote, 7% higher than the UK average*
  • 46% of the respondents who had low intentions to vote said that lack of trust in candidates and political parties were their main barrier
  • Nearly a third (31%) intend to vote Labour, 14% Conservative, 10% Reform UK, 5% Liberal Democrats and 2% other party (in line with UK average intentions)
  • Other key election issues included health (41%), immigration and asylum (37%) crime (36%) and the economy (28%)
  • 70% said that they always vote in the General Election whilst one in five sometimes vote and only 4% never vote. Voter turnout at the 2019 General Election was 67%, which would potentially place Orbit customers as slightly more consistent voters than the UK population.
  • Orbit’s survey was launched prior to the General Election announcement and ran until 27 May. Following the announcement, customers’ intention to vote rose from 63% to 81%, whilst intention to vote Conservative dropped from 20% to 11% and customers became more unsure about who they would vote for.

Phil Andrew, Chief Executive of Orbit Group commented: “We believe that a laser focus from government on housing is the key to a better economic outcome, safer communities and a healthier nation and it’s clear from this survey that housing is a primary concern that will heavily influence the voting decisions of a significant part of the electorate. Immediate and long-term commitment to addressing the social housing crisis must be set out clearly and coherently by prospective candidates to give voters living in affordable housing the reassurance they need that this critical issue will receive the priority it deserves before they hit the polls on 4th July.”

In its manifesto published at the end of last year, Orbit set out its key asks that it wants to see from the government over the next five years as part of a long-term plan for housing, to support the economy and create a sustainable future.

*According to YouGov polling data for the period 23-24 May – the same timeframe within which Orbit customers were surveyed

** Comprised of a survey of 129 Orbit customers


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