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Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd

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Address: 172 Watling Street, Shorade Business Estate, Bridgtown, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 0BD

Tel: 07974 578103

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Meet The Team
Vicki Cutler
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Vicki Cutler

Director and Health, Safety & Compliance Consultant

Matt Dawes

Training Associate & Consultant

Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson

Fire Safety Consultant & Trainer (Scotland)

Larry Ryder

Larry Ryder

Health & Safety Consultant & Trainer

Ryan Hodgson

Resident Safety & Asset Management Consultant and Trainer

Louise Burgess

Business Support Associate

About Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd

Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd are a specialist training and consultancy company providing UK-wide health, safety and property/building compliance services. They have a ‘pedigree’ from working within the sector and the organisational key aims are to support housing providers to understand their responsibilities and be clear about what they need to be doing to ensure that, primarily, their tenants are safe in their homes, but also that the organisation is clear on what it needs to do to meet the myriad of regulatory requirements as well as the standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing, the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Welsh Government.

We know that there is increased focus on landlord and customer safety within the sector, with the Regulator of Social Housing making a clear statement about health and safety compliance; they say that ‘providers must understand and fully meet all their existing obligations in relation to tenants’ health and safety, as well as preparing for increased expectations and changing requirements, particularly for high rise buildings. Boards are expected to have strong and appropriate oversight of decisions around stock quality and health and safety compliance. The safety of all tenants, especially the most vulnerable, should be of primary importance for all providers and boards are expected to comply with all health and safety statutory requirements; this includes having up-to-date and relevant policies in place that are regularly managed and monitored by the board, effective compliance reporting and good quality data.

The Housing H&S Compliance UK Ltd team all work tirelessly to promote H&S and ensure the very highest standards are met in all the organisations they work with. To find out about the other affordable, bespoke training and consultancy, please check the website or get in touch for more information

The Social Housing Safety Network Scotland

The Social Housing Safety Network Scotland is primarily focused on tenant and resident safety for local authority and housing association landlords. Our main focus is to share the skills, knowledge and experience of industry leading practitioners to support network members in understanding their statutory obligations, the importance of measuring their organisation’s performance and how to evidence compliance for tenant and resident safety.

Membership is for Scottish:
·       Housing associations
·       Housing co-operatives
·       Councils
·       Not for profit providers of social housing.

For more information, or to join us, please visit our website:

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