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Gentoo tackle anti-social behaviour in Sunderland

Gentoo are strengthening their partnership with Kim McGuinness to tackle anti-social behaviour in Sunderland.
Gentoo anti social

Gentoo customers welcomed Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, to one of their high-rise residential buildings in Sunderland to discuss anti-social behaviour (ASB) and how best to tackle it.

During the informative session, held at Aberdeen Towers in Lakeside Village, Silksworth, Kim discussed the force’s approach to tackling anti-social behaviour across Wearside whilst giving customers the opportunity to voice any concerns in their area and share how ASB has had an impact on their lives.

Among those who spoke about the issue was Gentoo customer, Emma Neale, who said: “I see a lot of ASB in my area but it’s being dealt with through multi-agency support, and I think it’s important for customers to know Gentoo and Northumbria Police, alongside other partners, are there to support us.”

Fellow customer, David Banks, who also attended the session, added: “Lots of people know someone who knows someone that is involved in ASB and it’s time we start talking about it more.”

Following her discussion with customers, Kim then joined Gentoo’s board members to address customer comments and further develop the Group’s plan for dealing with ASB.

Louise Bassett, Gentoo’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “At Gentoo, the safety and wellbeing of our customers and local residents is extremely important. That’s why we are committed to strengthening our partnership with Northumbria Police to work together to tackle anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods.

“We understand we need to offer as much support to both victims of anti-social behaviour and those living in our communities with complex needs. I’d like to thank Kim McGuinness for visiting our communities and listening to the experiences and concerns of our customers.

“Our partnership is vital to ensure we can work together to address these issues going forward.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness, said: “From nuisance motorbikes dangerously riding where they shouldn’t be to vandalism at our bus stops, I have invested in a lot of policing operations and prevention projects to really address issues that matter and cause concern in our communities. Any behaviours that cause people to feel uncomfortable or unsafe when out in their local area or even when at home – they have to be taken seriously.

“This visit provided a great opportunity to speak to residents about what is working well and what we need more of. There is very much a shared commitment with Gentoo to improving lives in the area and tackling ASB is an absolute priority.”

Gentoo is a member of the national Anti-Social Behaviour Panel, launched in 2022, alongside other housing associations and support networks. The Group works together with these partners to deliver positive change for local communities.

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