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Gentoo partner with Northumbrian Water to save customers money

Gentoo’s Money Matters team have been working in partnership with Northumbrian Water to support more than 8000 customers.

The scheme supports eligible customers on a low income by reducing their water bill by up to 50%. The partnership with Gentoo began in 2018 and customer referrals have increased year on year, with discounts totalling over £1.3mn this year alone.

The Money Matters Team further worked with Northumbrian Water and the Department for Working Pensions to identify 3000 customers on Pension Credit who were eligible for the discounted water rates but were not claiming it. These customers will now automatically receive the discount year on year moving forward, with most saving between £150- £200 a year.

Susie Thompson, Executive Director of Housing at Gentoo said: “We have seen an increase in customers in need of support during the cost-of-living crisis. Many people have been struggling with household bills, making partnerships like the one we have with Northumbrian Water so important. Our Money Matters team have been supporting customers to access discounted bills for over four years now and are delighted to continue the partnership to reach as many customers as possible.”

Mark Wilkinson, Head of Income at Northumbrian Water said: “It’s great that we’re able to work in partnership with Gentoo to support so many customers across the North East.

“We know that lots of people are facing financial pressures but there are things we can do to help, offering tailored support and guidance to those who need it when things get difficult.

“Our partnership with Gentoo is just one of the ways we can ensure that our customers are getting the help they need and we’re delighted for this to continue.”

Households can check if they are eligible to access discounted water rates by visiting

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