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Further £1.5bn of government funding for Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Nicholas Harris, CEO of Stonewater has responded to the Government's announcement of a further £1.5bn funding for Boiler Upgrade Scheme.
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In response to the government announcement that a further £1.5bn of funding will be made available for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme from 2025-2028, Nicholas Harris, Chief Executive at Stonewater said:

“The news that the government is releasing a further £1.5bn to help the rollout of heat pumps in England and Wales, as well as providing more support for heat networks and installing energy efficiency measures, is extremely welcome.

“Prior to the Autum Statement, we had called for an extension in funding for the retrofitting and decarbonisation of homes, and heat pumps are one of the simplest and increasingly cheapest ways of doing this.

“With only just over half (around 56%) of social housing stock meeting EPC band C standard, funding streams like this are crucial if we are to be in with any chance of meeting the governments, and our own, net zero ambitions.

“Having said that, I would continue to urge the government to commit to a long-term plan of funding for the decarbonisation of homes and transition away from gas, giving Stonewater and others in the housing sector the confidence to invest and plan effectively, expand the supply chain and support the heat pump manufacturing industry to grow with confidence.”

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