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Framework will deliver disrepair and complex works

Pretium Frameworks Ltd has launched a Total Disrepair Solutions framework which will tackle the ongoing issue of damp and condensation mould.
Two severe maladministration findings for Southern Housing following damp and mould investigation

The PCR 2015-compliant framework was developed by Echelon Consultancy jointly with, and on behalf of, Riverside Group. The two organisations have previously worked together to set up two Disrepair Improvement Groups focused on Prevention and Remediation and Disrepair Management, which have a collective membership of 350 people from 181 individual organisations.

“Damp and condensation mould is one of the most pressing issues currently facing the UK housing sector, causing stress, anxiety and health problems for tenants, as well as being the cause of many expensive legal disrepair claims” said Jess John, Pretium’s Director of Framework Partnerships.

“This framework was developed in collaboration with Riverside to offer housing providers an easy-to-access, compliant solution for the delivery of disrepair and other complex works.

“We look forward to working with Riverside, to support the sector to tackle this growing issue.”

Phil Pemberton, Director of Asset Strategy at Riverside, added: “As one of the largest national social landlords, effective management and maintenance of our homes is paramount, but this has perhaps never been more important in the wake of several high-profile events that have highlighted systematic failures to meet basic decency standards.

“The work with Pretium Frameworks will help tackle the huge challenge damp and mould poses for the sector.”

Although the framework was developed primarily to deliver disrepair and complex works in relation to condensation, damp and mould it also covers the following.

  • Structural disrepair
  • Sound and noise nuisance
  • Pest prevention work (proofing work only)
  • WIP management
  • Responsive repairs support
  • Complex repairs & minor work
  • Void support services

It is split into two workstreams delivering works across different value bands, and these are further broken down into regional Lots, giving coverage across England and Wales, as follows:

 Disrepair and Complex Work up to £500k  

  • North East England – Liberty Group
  • Cumbria – Liberty Group
  • North Wales – Liberty Group
  • Merseyside – Liberty Group
  • Greater Manchester – Liberty Group
  • Yorkshire and The Humber – Liberty Group, Allerton Damp Proofing, Hobson & Porter
  • East Midlands and West Midlands – Jefferies Contractors LimitedAllerton Damp Proofing
  • East and South East England – Osborne Property Services Ltd, Advanced Building and Maintenance
  • South West England – LCB Group
  • South Wales – LCB Group

Disrepair and Complex Work over £500k

  • North East England – Wates Property Services Ltd
  • North Wales – Wates Property Services Ltd
  • Merseyside – Wates Property Services Ltd
  • Greater Manchester – Wates Property Services Ltd, Axis Europe PLC
  • Yorkshire and The Humber – Wates Property Services Ltd, MCP Property Services Ltd
  • East Midlands and West Midlands – Wates Property Services Ltd, Axis Europe PLC, MCP Property Services Ltd, Hindley Contractors Ltd
  • East and South East England – Wates Property Services Ltd, Axis Europe PLC, MCP Property Services Ltd, Etec Contract Services
  • South West England – MCP Property Services Ltd
  • London – Wates Property Services Ltd, Axis Europe PLC, MCP Property Services Ltd, Etec Contract Services

Framework users can choose between mini-competition and direct selection to suit operational requirements and project circumstances.

The framework is open to any public sector organisation throughout the UK, and members of their supply chain.

For more information on accessing it, email

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