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The technology leader for real-time field service scheduling and dynamic route planning. Our customers maintain over 500,000 properties across the UK and Europe.


The technology leader for real-time field service scheduling and dynamic route planning. Our customers maintain over 500,000 properties across the UK and Europe.

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Drive all-new levels of field service productivity and customer engagement

FLS – FAST LEAN SMART develops award-winning dynamic scheduling, route optimisation and mobile job management solutions that enable digital transformation to achieve all-new levels of productivity and customer engagement. Customers range from 50 to 1000s of operatives, scheduling for maintenance, repairs, inspections, voids, housing officers and more.

Today, all HMS and repairs management software includes some form of field force scheduling capability, however, none offer truly cost-optimised appointment booking and scheduling that comes close to the accuracy and efficiencies that can be achieved with FLS VISITOUR. Our technology is implemented in days and is designed to be complementary to these solutions. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM and ERP, including Dynamics 365. Technology is an enabler, and in our latest survey every UK customer rated us 9.6/10 for our technology, consulting, and ongoing support.

Jeremy Squire, Managing Director

FLS VISITOUR produces the most accurate planning of appointments and routes that use actual traffic-based driving speeds for every road segment. With our real-time appointment scheduling and dynamic in-day re-optimisation, FLS VISITOUR can save your field service 30-50% of driving time which translates into more jobs achieved, more time with customers, and reduced fuel use and CO2. Skills and materials rules maximise sooner attendance, first-time fix rates, and customer experience is optimised with support for 24×7 self-service, automated messaging, and live ETA. The solution minimises no-access rates and is operative-friendly thanks to intelligent real-time optimisation, including same day and rapid response.

This technology transforms the performance of your field service and to prove this claim and your business case we offer a free proof of concept. Firstly, a test to compare how you scheduled work historically with how FLS VISITOUR could have scheduled the same appointments with the available operatives. Secondly, through a no-commitment try-before-you-buy live trial/pilot system.

Accreditations and achievements
  • Specialist dynamic scheduling solution partner to over 30 Dynamics, fleet, telematics, lone worker, and Housing Management System developers.
  • As an accredited ISV, FLS partners with Microsoft to extend beyond the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 RSO.
  • FLS VISITOUR winner of Technology Innovation of the Year at the European Field Service Awards alongside customer Amey Secure Infrastructure winner of Pioneers of the Year.
  • Shortlisted for Most Innovative Supplier at the Housing Digital Innovation Awards alongside customer Your Housing Group in the Best Digital Transformation category.
  • ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
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  • Your Housing Group

Your Housing Group increases productivity 25-32% with FLS VISITOUR

“New ways of working have been transformational for my team and driven efficiencies. Real-time optimisation, not white-space filling, means we are completing 25-32% more jobs per operative on a like-for-like basis. We are driving greater value for money for customers”.

“FLS is more adaptable than alternatives and revolutionised the internal management of scheduling for YHG. Up to that point, scheduling didn’t have that extra edge”.

  • Amey

FLS partners with Amey to transform repairs services for MOD homes

“Real-time tracking increases our engagement with customers and reduces our no-access rates. FLS enables us to provide customers with operatives’ exact, up-to-the-minute locations, making them less likely to pop out when an operative is round the corner.”

“Working with FLS helped Amey to bring a step change of experience, both for the families receiving our service and for the tradespeople delivering it. It improves the accuracy and transparency of day-to-day operations whilst helping us to reduce average travel time, in turn reducing our overall environmental impact.”

  • Axis Europe

Automated scheduling speeds digital transformation at top social housing maintenance firm

“A business with complex planning and in-day scheduling challenges like Axis needs to react in real time and FLS lets us do this. Rescheduling our appointments using FLS VISITOUR demonstrates a significant reduction in mileage and driving hours. More importantly, our engineers can achieve one or more additional jobs per day.”

  • HomeServe
“FLS is a more dynamic tool, one that continuously optimises, looking at every appointment and every field worker collectively. HomeServe is getting to its customers 25% faster than before.”