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Flagship Group Selects Totalmobile to Streamline its Housing Repairs Service

Totalmobile will be deployed across Flagship Group, reducing repair times and overhead costs, while providing oversight of all operations.
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Totalmobile will be deployed across the non-profit housing group, reducing repair times and overhead costs, while providing oversight of all operations

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – 28 February 2023 – Totalmobile, the UK leader in Field Service Management software solutions, has signed a new contract with East Anglian housing organisation, Flagship Group, to streamline its housing repairs solution across 32,000 properties. 

The Connect solution from Totalmobile will be an integral part of Flagship’s digital transformation journey. It will allow tenants and mobile and office-based employees to schedule repairs and maintenance with ease, while also providing Flagship with real-time data on the status of all projects and employees in one place.

Flagship requires a system to provide a single source of data accessible to employees and tenants alike. The new software will allow the organisation to improve efficiency, reduce repair times, and improve overall customer service by allowing tenants greater control over scheduling appointments that suit their own needs. Other benefits for Flagship include the ability to manage tenant-facing services more efficiently with improved communication between internal departments and an oversight of all operations.

Totalmobile and Flagship have begun deployment with the Connect solution and will roll out training across 480 employees in April, with the final launch day expected around May. The new solution will integrate seamlessly with Flagship Group systems and will lead to time saved on administration which can be better spent elsewhere in the organisation.

“Before partnering with Totalmobile we were using an older system that couldn’t give tenants control over their repairs or connect them directly with the Flagship team

“We had been considering a new system for a while and after completing our due diligence for a possible partnership, we came across Totalmobile’s system and it became apparent very quickly that this would meet our requirements. They not only promise quicker repair times, real-time updates, and allow us to put the right people in the right place, but crucially they are willing to grow with us. We were looking for more than just a system, we wanted a partner that could develop and adapt new capabilities to suit our needs. While no single solution can do it all, Totalmobile is keen to build us a bespoke solution which, for Flagship, needs to focus on efficiency and productivity, enabling us to free up more time to help deliver key responsive services to our tenants”.

Warren Gannaway, Managing Director at Flagship Services

“In recent months, there has been a notable spotlight on the UK housing sector and providers are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. As a non-profit organisation, Flagship is doing some incredible work towards solving the housing crisis in the East of England and it’s a great privilege to support them in this work. We are dedicated to working closely with their team to provide a solution that works exactly the way they need it to and we’re excited to get started on this journey!”

David Webb, Managing Director of Property and Facilities Management, Totalmobile

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