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Doing Repairs Better, Faster, and More Efficiently at Flagship Group

Since 2020 it has spent £89 million on home improvements and £103 million on maintaining its homes to the standards tenants expect.
electric house rewire

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of its tenants, Flagship Group wanted to streamline how it manages the delivery of tenant-facing services so it could respond faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively to tenant needs and keep them updated every step of the way – from initial booking to the arrival of operatives at their home.

Giving tenants greater control over scheduling appointments to suit their needs was just part of the transformation vision. Unifying how it undertakes everything from tackling responsive repairs to neighbourhood management, inspections, voids, gas servicing, grounds maintenance, and planned works would give Flagship real-time visibility and data on the status of all projects and employees in one place. This would enable Flagship to work smarter when allocating and deploying resources while improving communication between internal departments and overseeing all operations.

From vision to reality

Flagship Group selected Totalmobile’s Connect solution, a powerful cloud-based work order management system featuring dynamic scheduling, integrated stock and materials management, subcontractor management, and live visibility of job progress and costs. Integrating seamlessly with Flagship Group’s existing systems, Connect will generate significant administration savings that can be redeployed elsewhere in the organisation.

Flagship will also use Totalmobile’s Mobilise solution to boost the productivity of its field workforce. Eliminating any need for manual form filling at the point of service, field staff will receive detailed information on each job – everything from tenant address and contact details through to special instructions, guidance documents, and records of previous work orders – and can quickly complete all job-related records, including taking photographs and capturing tenant signatures. This information will be instantly available to office-based coordinators, and Flagship’s back office systems automatically updated.

Finally, to assure the well-being of its remote workers, Flagship will deploy Totalmobile’s Protect solution to monitor and support employees, receiving instant alerts if a staff member gets into difficulties or calls for assistance.

Counting the gains

The digital transformation programme will prove a game changer when optimising the efficiency of Flagship Group’s field service delivery operations.

Alongside quicker repair times, real-time updates, and the ability to put the right people in the right place at the right time, Flagship Group will be able to manage its mobile workforce and work allocation activities with performance and productivity in mind, utilising a system that delivers a single source of data that is accessible to tenants and employees in one place.

Using this data, Flagship Group will be able to make more informed decisions and undertake better risk management. This includes everything from applying data analytics to identify the causes of breakdowns, reduce missed repair appointments, or initiate the proactive scheduling of maintenance that fixes issues before they happen, to maintaining robust compliance records and assuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Like many housing associations, Flagship Group is under tremendous pressure to do more with less and become more responsive to tenants’ needs. With the iminent the digital transformation of its customer-facing property management activities, Flagship Group will generate the increased productivity and operational efficiencies needed to drive down costs while ensuring it maintains regulatory compliance and high levels of tenant satisfaction.

Finally, digitalisation will enable Flagship Group to future-proof its capabilities so it can prepare for new initiatives relating to sustainability and climate change that are coming down the line. That includes adapting its existing housing stock for an ageing population and continuing its work to solve the housing crisis in the East of England.

As one of the largest providers of homes for people in need in the southeast of England, the Flagship Group has over 32,000 homes across the East Anglian region.


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