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Damp & Mould Module Free to Social Housing Providers

Mobysoft is set to make its RepairSense Damp & Mould Module available to its customers in the social housing sector free of charge.

The innovative module, designed to empower landlords to effectively address the pressing issue of damp and mould while ensuring compliance with legislation, forms part of the SaaS firm’s RepairSense platform.

The module has been created specifically to help social landlords face the challenge of accurately identifying properties impacted by damp and mould and assessing the severity of the situation. Critical data used to identify issues such as damp and mould can be held across multiple systems in various formats, further complicated by external contractors utilising their own systems. Collaboratively developed with Mobysoft’s RepairSense customers, the module provides a tailored solution to this crucial issue, offering peace of mind to governance teams and landlords, and ultimately improving the service levels experienced by social tenants.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, trained with a vast dataset of over 7 million repair jobs collected over three years, Mobysoft’s RepairSense platform, including the Damp & Mould Module, offers unrivalled accuracy in identifying repairs issues. These AI models, utilising supervised machine learning, continuously improve by learning from extensive “labelled data”, ensuring accuracy and minimising bias. The AI-driven Damp & Mould Module provides over 99% precision in recommendations, preventing cases from being overlooked. Additionally, it can identify unreported damp and mould issues by analysing similar properties, thanks to its extensive dataset, which leads to accurate prioritisation for intervention.

Paul Evans, Mobysoft CEO said of the initiative: “We understand the significant challenges social housing providers face in managing damp and mould issues effectively. This module allows landlords to identify, prioritise, and track these issues seamlessly, ensuring compliance with legislation and enhancing the living conditions of their tenants. In offering it to our customers & prospects across the Winter months we will be able to demonstrate its phenomenal power and the efficiencies that it drives within the repairs services of social housing providers.”

Mobysoft is working with customer & prospects to provide access at this crucial time by providing its Damp & Mould Module no cost across the winter months. To learn more about the RepairSense Damp & Mould Module, please visit this web page


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