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Community Housing hosts Health and Wellbeing event

Its aim was to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and provide valuable resources and activities to support physical and mental wellbeing.
Health checks including blood pressure and BMI

The Health and Wellbeing Event, held at the company’s headquarters in Kidderminster on 18th and 19 May 2023, was designed to address various aspects of employee health.  Colleagues were given the opportunity to participate in health checks, mental health advice and information sessions, postural advice, men’s and women’s health advice, a rejuvenating yoga session, and were treated to an array of healthy snacks to take away.

One of the highlights of the event was the provision of health checks, which enabled colleagues to assess their current health status and gain valuable insights into their overall wellbeing. These checks included measurements of vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, body fats and body mass index (BMI). Professional workplace wellbeing providers. New Leaf Health, were on-site to conduct the checks and offer guidance to colleagues, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

Recognising the importance of mental health in maintaining overall wellbeing, the event featured a dedicated Stress Resilience session. Colleagues were guided through discussions on stress management, resilience-building techniques, and effective strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. By creating a safe space for open dialogue, Community Housing actively demonstrated its commitment to supporting the mental health of its staff members.

The event recognised the impact of sedentary work habits on employee health and the New leaf postural expert provided practical guidance on maintaining correct posture and making ergonomic adjustments to workstations and work vehicles. Through this valuable information, Community Housing sought to empower colleagues to adopt healthier habits and reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal issues.

Both men’s and women’s health advice sessions addressed a range of topics, including preventive care, nutrition, exercise, cancer awareness and the importance of  regular health screens. These sessions aimed to increase health awareness, encourage proactive measures, and promote a culture of self-care among staff members.

As part of the holistic approach to wellbeing, a yoga “taster” session was conducted to help colleagues relax, unwind, and understand the benefits that yoga can have upon their physical and mental health. Guided by a qualified yoga instructor, participants engaged in gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. The session provided an opportunity for colleagues to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness.

Nourishing, healthy food replaced the traditional buffet lunch with fresh fruits, healthy snack alternatives to crisps and wholesome protein bars. The selection was carefully chosen to encourage healthy eating habits and reinforce the connection between nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Community Housing’s Health and Wellbeing event is part of the company’s commitment to colleague welfare. By offering a diverse range of resources and activities, the event not only emphasised the importance of employee health but also demonstrated Community Housing’s dedication to creating a supportive and nurturing work environment.

“We strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and their wellbeing is paramount to our success as an organisation, “said Matt Cooney, Chief Executive“. The Health and Wellbeing Event was a testament to our commitment to providing a workplace that promotes a healthy work-life balance and supports the physical and mental health of our colleagues.”

The wellbeing team at Community Housing were fantastic to work with during the planning and delivery of this far reaching programme. Their energy levels and enthusiasm were matched by the employees attending, with high levels and positive engagement and great interaction at each of the zones.

New Leaf have been delivering workplace wellbeing for over 26 years and this 2-day event was right up there in terms of great programmes to work on,” Samantha Rigby, Operations Manager, New Leaf Health.