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CityGate Housing receives Shariah investment nod


CityGate Housing has received Shariah Compliant certification for its social Housing investment opportunities.

The milestone marks a significant step forward in enabling Islamic investors to actively participate in socially impactful ventures while adhering to Shariah principles.

The Shariah Compliant Certificate underscores CityGate Housing’s commitment to providing ethical and inclusive investment avenues for individuals seeking financial returns and positive societal outcomes. With this certification, CityGate Housing is “poised to bridge the gap between Islamic finance and socially responsible investing, fostering a platform where investors can align their values with their financial goals.”

Mohammad Haaris Islam, COO of CityGate Housing, adde: “We are delighted to receive the Shariah Compliant Certificate for our social housing investment opportunities. This achievement reflects our dedication to serving the diverse needs of investors, including those who adhere to Islamic finance principles. We believe in the power of responsible investing to drive meaningful change, and this certification allows us to expand our reach to a broader spectrum of socially conscious investors.”

CityGate Housing’s social housing investment opportunities allow Islamic investors to make a tangible difference in communities while earning a return on their investment in a manner consistent with Shariah guidelines. By investing in socially responsible housing projects, investors can contribute to addressing pressing societal issues such as homelessness, housing affordability, and community development.

The opportunities offer transparency, ethical governance, and rigorous compliance with Islamic finance principles, so investors can have confidence in the integrity of their investments, knowing that they are supporting projects that align with their values and beliefs.

“We recognize the importance of offering investment options that resonate with the values of our Islamic investors,” Islam said. “With our Shariah Compliant Certificate, we are creating opportunities for social impact and fostering financial inclusivity and diversity within the investment landscape.”

CityGate Housing now invites Islamic investors to explore its range of Shariah-compliant investment Opportunities and join the movement toward responsible and impactful investing. Together, we can build stronger communities, empower individuals, and create lasting change that transcends financial boundaries.