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“It is crucial that our tenants have access to fast and reliable broadband at a reasonable price and we are delighted that CityFibre has chosen to invest in the area with these Full Fibre installations.”

Kirsten Adams-MacKenzie, Vice-Chair – New Gorbals Housing Association


“CityFibre’s Full Fibre network will be vital in ensuring Wolverhampton has a resilient and dynamic economy for decades to come, and the Council’s blanket wayleave agreement will ensure our customers can enjoy the fastest and most reliable digital connectivity from the comfort of their homes.”

Shaun Aldis, Chief Executive – Wolverhampton Homes


“It’s vital that our homes have access to the best broadband available and I’m really pleased we’re already working towards our homes having futureproof Gigabit-capable broadband speeds.”

Liz Bloomfield, Portfolio Manager – Citizen

About CityFibre

CityFibre is the UK’s largest independent Full Fibre infrastructure platform. We provide digital infrastructure that enables our wholesale customers to provide ultra-fast, reliable and futureproof broadband, ethernet and 5G services to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, GPs surgeries and anything else that needs connecting.

But what is Full Fibre? At the moment the majority of UK homes are connected to the internet through copper networks which were built for carrying sound, not data. CityFibre’s network is 100% fibre optic technology from the property right to the point of connection. This carries data at the speed of light, providing near limitless bandwidth, making Full Fibre the fastest and most reliable network technology available.

Across the UK CityFibre investing up to £4 billion in bringing Full Fibre connectivity within reach of up to a third of the country by 2025; that’s eight million homes, 800,000 businesses, 400,000 local authority sites and 250,000 5G access points. We’ve already announced 285 cities, towns and villages which will receive a transformational digital upgrade as part of our nationwide rollout.

We believe everyone should be able to benefit from fast, reliable internet access. This is now more important than ever as vital services, such as banking, utilities and even schooling, move increasingly online. Key to this is our work with housing associations to ensure that tenants aren’t left behind as next generation connectivity is rolled out in their communities.

Getting homes connected to our Full Fibre network is quick and easy. Once we have a signed wayleave agreement, we will then carry out a survey of each property or estate to develop the best installation plan. We will then install Full Fibre to the property completely free of charge, keeping disruption to a minimum with our modern construction techniques. Once installation is complete and services are live, tenants can then access the network via a growing list of internet service providers (ISPs).

Having access to Full Fibre internet brings with it a great range of benefits for residents, including access to gigabit capable broadband. Our network will also future-proof the property, ensuring that it has the digital infrastructure needed to meet a household’s data needs now and in the future. This can then support a whole host of lifestyle benefits such as effective homeworking and learning, accessing the best entertainment, and using the latest technology.

Our Full Fibre network also gives residents choice over who they get their internet service from. As the nation’s only 100% Full Fibre wholesale network, CityFibre is trusted by major ISPs and mobile operators including TalkTalk, Three, Vodafone and Zen as we are actively supporting a new generation of smaller regional ISPs dedicated to delivering Full Fibre Broadband.

To find out more and explore how we can support you to ensure your properties are connected to the best digital connectivity available visit

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