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Citizen joins new initiative to prevent homelessness

Citizen, a leading social housing provider, has recently taken a significant step towards preventing homelessness.

The Commitment to Collaborate (C2C) process to Prevent and Relieve Homelessness is a new initiative developed by the West Midlands Combined Authority’s [WMCA] Homelessness Taskforce, in partnership with Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC).

The initiative comprises a toolkit, that supports organisations and partnerships to work through practical steps and develop action plans they can implement to prevent and relieve homelessness – as well as spot the early signifiers of someone becoming homeless.

The toolkit’s primary objective is to facilitate a collaborative response to homelessness with roundtable discussions, case studies, discussion logs and shared action plans.

After working through the toolkit, organisations submit their pledges to WMCA and are honoured with the coveted C2C logo. To maintain accountability organisations are required to periodically report to WMCA on the progress of meeting these pledges.

Kevin Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer at Citizen, said: “We believe that preventing homelessness requires a united effort. Our participation in the Commitment to Collaborate initiative aligns with our commitment to making a tangible difference to preventing homelessness. These pledges are not just promises – they represent actionable steps towards a future where homelessness is a rare occurrence.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands and Chair of the WMCA, said: “Right from the very outset of my time in office, I’ve made tackling homelessness a key priority. But it’s a difficult issue to solve and requires innovative and collaborative working, across organisations, to better support people at the earliest opportunity.

“That’s why I’m so pleased that Citizen has chosen to work with us and use our Commitment to Collaborate toolkit as part of its ongoing commitment to designing out homelessness. The pledges Citizen has committed to will make a significant and lasting difference in preventing homelessness for the people they work alongside.

“By collaborating in this way, we can help give people the support they need to change their lives for the better, building their resources, skills, incomes and opportunities so they can have a secure an affordable home from which to reach their full potential.”

Citizen has made three pledges:

1. Comprehensive pre-tenancy support: Citizen pledges to develop and implement a comprehensive pre-tenancy information and guidance programme, ensuring tenants have access to necessary resources, during their transition to new accommodation, to avoid becoming homeless.

2. Data-driven decision-making: Citizen commits to establishing a robust data analysis system to track and analyse tenancy breakdowns. The organisation will collaborate with key stakeholders and local authorities to share that information, to enhance data-driven decision-making in homelessness prevention and relief efforts.

3. Collaborative partnerships: Citizen vows to foster strong collaborative and partnership working with key stakeholders, including local authorities, support agencies, and community organisations. This collaborative effort aims to add significant value to collective initiatives, addressing homelessness prevention and relief, including pathways and support.

Citizen has developed a comprehensive action plan to guide the implementation of these pledges. This strategic approach ensures transparency and allows the organisation to report progress, accurately – demonstrating a commitment to real and measurable impact to end homelessness.


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