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Ciptex enhances Aster’s customer experience in UK housing first

Technology specialist Ciptex is helping to pioneer a digital revolution in the UK housing sector through its collaboration with Aster Group.
Ciptex Aster group

Ciptex will roll out a state-of-the-art multichannel digital contact centre solution tailored for Aster in a ground-breaking initiative. This venture marks a significant milestone as a first in the UK housing sector, setting a new standard for customer engagement.

Aster is embracing Ciptex’s comprehensive, resident-centric engagement platforms, integrating voice recognition, chatbots, WhatsApp, SMS, video communication, and artificial intelligence. These technologies will enhance the contact centre’s ability to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. With a unified service approach, there are fewer transfers to operational teams and a greater emphasis on self-sufficiency through expanded digital channels.

Research from a survey of Social Housing Strategy Forum attendees indicates a substantial trend among Housing Associations, with 48% citing digital innovation in their contact centres as a top priority. In alignment with this insight, Aster’s digital strategy is sharply focused on elevating the customer journey. By introducing flexible self-service options and expanding their online customer hub, they are streamlining processes to make accessing services easier for customers.

Aster owns and manages over 36,000 homes in the south of England and London.

Andy Isted, Transformation and Data Director at Aster Group, said:

“It is really exciting, to be the first in our sector to be using the Twilio platform. We also have the reassurance that other sectors are already really pushing the boundaries of the potential of the Twilio platform which is our technology platform and service Partner.

“This strategic move is designed to accelerate service provision for our customers. The transformation will empower customers by enhancing our capacity to handle a greater volume of inquiries by leveraging automation and new communication channels. These innovations will enable our frontline staff to address a wider array of housing and repair issues and improve first-contact issue resolution and provide a proactive, not reactive customer experience.

“We wanted a partner, we don’t want a supplier and Ciptex fits the bill. We want a global partner that has a backing with Twilio products, plus product development to help us utilise Ciptex and get the most out of the platform. We’re looking to grow and develop the product moving forward, mirroring our own growth and development ambitions.

“Ciptex takes a partnership approach with charities and commercial sectors, and applies the lessons learnt. Our customers compare our services to those they receive from other sectors and we need the quality of our technology to feel the same to them so they consistently receive a good service with a strong personalised focus. In the housing sector we’ve got to think innovation so we deliver effectively and simply for our customers.

“This is a Lego-like product; we are able to develop it as and when, building on core foundations. It is a consumptionmodel, with Ciptex being keen on ensuring that whatever we introduce will have a return to the business and our customers.”

Simon Weeks, CEO – Ciptex, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Aster Group launching our world-class omnichannel customer experience services to the UK housing sector.

“Our digital approach using a cloud-based platform offers numerous benefits for social housing organisations required to comply with government legislation, enhancing customer services and streamlining operations.

“By providing a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, web chat, and WhatsApp, customers can easily contact their housing provider on their preferred channel. This approach offers increased accessibility and transparency; additionally, cloud-based omnichannel solutions enable secure, compliant data storage and monitoring for social landlords, ensuring that sensitive customer information is protected.”

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