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Brampton Valley inspired public art unveiled

A recent development of homes in Northampton has unveiled its new community play area and public art installation for the first time.

Leading housing provider Stonewater commissioned the new installation at the  Buckton Fields development, where 36 affordable homes have been made available as part of a larger site of 90 homes being developed by Martin Grant Homes.

Stonewater’s affordable housing at Buckton Fields consists of two- and three bedroom houses and one-bedroom maisonettes with gardens, and has provided homes for affordable rent, as well as Rent to Buy and shared ownership opportunities.

The artwork, which takes the form of a 25-metre-long curved footpath depicting popular scenes from the nearby Brampton Valley Way, is located near to the newly created children’s play area. It has been constructed using Crossland Hill Yorkstone, allowing it to be integrated into the footpath and creating a durable community focal point.

Each stone, created by hand by sculptor Graeme Mitcheson, highlights significant sites of local interest that can be found on or close to the Brampton Valley Way, which was established around the former railway line that runs between Northampton and Market Harborough.

The 24 stones, which contain images and text, were developed after speaking to local historians, rangers and members of the Brampton Valley Railway, with the artwork being designed to interest and educate both children and adults, raising awareness of the Brampton Valley Way and its historical significance.

Jennie Bell, Development Manager at Stonewater, said: “This artwork, reflecting the local history and places of interest, is a great focal point and a really engaging piece. The fact that it’s been made to withstand all those little feet running up and down it all day, making it interactive rather than just something to look at, makes it even more interesting.

“We really hope that our customers at Buckton Fields, as well as the wider community, will enjoy the installation, as well as these fantastic new homes.”

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