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Award-winning Walsall recruitment programme expanded

The Work4Health programme was developed by whg to help customers secure roles as Healthcare Assistants at the Manor Hospital.
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Created in partnership with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Walsall College and the DWP the programme aims to overcome the barriers and obstacles felt by many jobseekers when looking for work. It was designed specifically around jobs available within the trust, and combines skills training, work experience, application form support, mock interview practice and a guaranteed job interview for roles at the hospital.

The programme has been hugely successful, and supported 139 people into work.

Thanks to its success, the housing association has launched a similar scheme for local people hoping to work in the care sector. The three week Care2Care Programme aims to help customers develop a basic knowledge of working in the care sector.  Participants develop a basic knowledge of working in care and develop the skills to support their application process.

Former childminder Sylvia now works as a clinical support worker after completing the programme. She said: “When the pandemic started I had to shut down my nursery setting and started doing lots of voluntary jobs for the NHS. I found out I would love to work for the NHS.

“The course helped me prepare for interview and showed me how to fill out all the paperwork for the job application. It was very helpful.

“Everything has changed in my life now. I have new skills – I am a phlebotomist as well. I have learnt a lot and love working with patients.”

To find out more about the programme and to sign up email

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