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Asprey Management Solutions

Address: Kings Lynn Innovation Centre, 1 Innovation Drive, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5BY

Phone: 0330 460 9752



Raising Standards, Redefining Expectations

Originating from a buy out from The BRE, Asprey has been at the forefront of delivering robust commercially proven asset management software solutions and consultancy services to the social housing sector since 2002.

As early adopters of Microsoft’s BI technologies, we are keen evangelists of big data in housing and asset management.  This is reflected in our product development, our consultancy services and our Business Intelligence projects for clients, all looking to identify and mine information and analytics from systems to help improve information transparency, and ultimately organisational performance.

In collaboration with an established prestigious client base of housing associations, public sector organisations and charities nationwide, we forge enduring partnerships founded on excellence.

Superior Software by Design
Our focus is holistic asset management, providing a comprehensive best-of-breed solution (Asprey Assets) designed to address the multifaceted challenges of today’s dynamic social housing landscape. With extensive and continued investment in our dedicated asset management solutions, we equip our clients with the latest technologies and expert guidance to navigate current and future demands seamlessly, facilitating effective business processes and strategic planning essential for modern landlords.

Empowering informed decision-making, our solution delivers unparalleled macro and micro-level insights, fostering organisational synergy and ensuring rapid returns on investment for our clients.

Asprey Assets’ robust web-enabled BI and reporting interface grants universal access to pertinent information, empowering all stakeholders with timely insights from a centralised, reliable source.

Unlocking Potential, Maximising Performance
Asprey Assets isn’t just a solution; it’s a strategic asset poised to optimise portfolio management and adapt to evolving tenant needs. By leveraging a wealth of organisational data and performance metrics, our developments and state-of-the-art BI tools empower clients to unlock unprecedented business intelligence, driving transformative outcomes.

Key benefits of Asprey Assets include:

  • Demonstrably proper asset custodianship
  • Comprehensive, scalable functionality tailored to sector demands
  • Efficiency gains through streamlined workflows and intuitive features
  • Visualised analytics for simplified data interpretation
  • Simple, ready access to macro and micro-level data
  • Enhanced data management economy and accuracy
  • Document and Evidentiary management
  • Data integrity via integral audit dashboards
  • Provision of standard APIs and advanced integration, interfacing and data mining capability from our development teams
  • Unique, expert business-side support fostering continuous improvement

Knowledge Sharing, Client Empowerment
We have an impeccable reputation for pre-sales support, service delivery and client support, both in relation to use of our products with its associated knowledge transfer and keeping our clients abreast of wider environmental factors that may impact their business and operations.

Employing specialists and knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines is at the centre of the Asprey philosophy. We believe our knowledge transfer approach is what differentiates us from our competitors; our skill set encompasses everything from corporate finance and privatisation, asset management strategy and data management, to software development and IT systems integration. This ensures our clients get a truly comprehensive product tailored to our client’s needs, and that all bases are covered.

We codify and publish our practices and views on practices in areas such as Decent Homes and other housing standards, through speakers and publications, both as evidence of our commitment to transferring skills to our clients and to ensure that we maintain a homogenous approach by all our people so that we can flex our consulting strength readily as needs arise.

With over two decades in social housing asset, compliance and works management, we truly understand this area.  Asprey provides sound best-practice advice from its corporate wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications. Products, training, ‘accessible’ support and advice, provide tailored solutions for clients.

  • As one of the last independent suppliers of asset management solutions, we do not compromise asset management information, functionality or consultancy services provision to the product focus of any parent or partner organisation, and we do not have an inherent bloated cost base.
  • Differentiating Asprey from other suppliers, and a key benefit, is both our low-cost base (and hence product lifecycle costs) and the ready availability of our corporate body of social housing portfolio management knowledge, available to clients economically, promptly and with continuity of core consultants.
  • Our extended expertise in the fields of forecasting and financial planning, development, integration, business process review, change management and solutions architecture is key to supporting the business planning and decision-making needs of our clients.
  • Unique amongst asset management or housing systems, our product clients have preferential access to our specialist consultancy division, Asprey BI, experts in providing investment appraisal, financial planning, and strategic portfolio management advice for decision-makers.
  • All our innovation, investment and R&D efforts are entirely focused on all critical asset management operations (asset, compliance and works management) as well as strategic portfolio investment.

​ The enduring partnerships we cultivate and the recurring business we enjoy are a testament to the efficacy of the ‘Asprey approach’ in achieving our clients’ objectives.

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