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allpay Limited and Voicescape partner to enhance arrears collection

allpay is thrilled to announce its partnership with Voicescape, a leading engagement automation expert within the social housing sector.
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Following his appointment in 2023, Jonathan Stanton-Humphreys, the new Commercial Director at allpay, has highlighted a renewed passion for the company to drive real value to its clients resulting in this first strategic partnership with automation experts, Voicescape.

With the increasing focus on efficient arrears collection, allpay is thrilled to announce its partnership with Voicescape, a leading engagement automation expert within the social housing sector. This collaboration is set to deliver transformative solutions for social landlords, offering a management software that utilises digital technology, behavioural insights and data science combined with a payments solution with over 30 years of market advocacy.

With the acknowledgment of challenges associated with both former and current tenant arrears collection, allpay and Voicescape have joined forces to provide a proven, versatile, and powerful tool for businesses seeking efficiencies to combat the current economic and social climate.

This partnership extends beyond a formal agreement, representing a joint commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make arrears collection more accessible and effective for organisations of all sizes.

Voicescape and allpay’s combined strengths will empower organisations to provide superlative customer experiences through advanced engagement automation and versatile payment options, leading to efficient rent collection processes allowing better management of transactions, reduced manual intervention, and optimised resources, creating time for an increasing number of customers who need extra help and support.

A further focus on digitalisation will empower tenants through self-service capabilities, allowing them to take control of their finances and payments.

Jonathan Stanton-Humphreys, Commercial Director at allpay Limited said: “We are delighted to complete our partnership with Voicescape, a move that aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. By combining our strengths and experience within the sector, we aim to deliver unparalleled value, fostering a more seamless and efficient payment management experience.”

This collaboration between allpay Limited and Voicescape signifies a strategic alliance that goes beyond a traditional business relationship. Together, we look forward to driving positive outcomes for clients in the housing sector, contributing to the growth and success of the communities they serve.

Bill Williams, CRO at Voicescape said: “By combining our sector expertise, Voicescape and allpay want to achieve a particular aim: to streamline a process that traditionally has been laborious. The efficiency gains of this partnership can be redeployed into providing services that benefit tenants. The scalability of this digital solution allows landlords to efficiently handle transactions, increase revenue created by self-serving customers and meet enhanced customer expectations; all outcomes that are the focus of social landlords nationwide.”

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