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Affordable Homes Programme funding for regeneration projects

JV North has welcomed Home England’s decision to allowing funding from the Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) to also be used for regeneration projects.
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The change means grant provided through the 2021/26 programme can be used on replacement homes as part of wider estate regeneration plans if schemes are providing new affordable homes.

Coming into force immediately, JV North consortium members can bid immediately for funding through Homes England’s continuous market engagement system.

Chair of JV North, John Bowker, who is also Executive Director of Operations at Stockport Homes Group, said: “The consortium is in full support of this announcement which will see many stalled regeneration projects unlocked with the potential to create more high-quality homes that meet the needs of today’s residents and communities.

“The social housebuilding sector has an ongoing challenge to invest building new properties to address the housing shortfall and fund improvements to outdated homes so they are fit for purpose.

“This new flexibility will allow us to do both in a strategic manner and help create more rounded communities.

“It is a boost to the sector and also the market which remains volatile.”

Consortium members will build over 4,000 homes in the 2021/26 Affordable Homes Programme on top of more than 4,550 delivered in the 2016/21 programme.

JV North members have built the equivalent of 3.5 homes every working day across the North West for the past 16 years.

Members are Bury Council, Johnnie Johnson Housing, One Manchester, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, Muir Group, Plus Dane Housing, Sovini, Stockport Homes, Torus, Trafford Housing Trust, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

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