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A2Dominion bring in major leadership changes and new strategy

A2Dominion has been restructuring its leadership following the introduction of its new Corporate Strategy, which aims to improve its homes and services.
Ian speaking at roadshow Paddington

The 38,000-home housing association operating across London and Southern England announced major personnel and structural changes to its executive management team in 2023. It also launched a new Corporate Strategy highlighting four key objectives, supported by a vision to provide ‘homes people love to live in’.

A vital part of supporting this vision is to have the right structure at the top of the organisation. A2Dominion split out the original Executive Director (Operations), creating its first-ever Chief Customer Officer (Kate Gascoigne) and Chief Property Officer (Michael Reece). It also streamlined its financial services roles into one Chief Finance Officer.

The journey

A2Dominion began shaping its plans following the appointment of Ian Wardle as Chief Executive Officer in September 2022, and Alan Collett as Chair of the Board a month earlier.

The refreshed approach places a greater emphasis on high-quality customer services and outlined key priority areas to deliver by 2030. It also prioritises greater investment for existing homes and in services like repairs, in order to provide value for money, and an improved services to customers.

To create its new strategy, A2Dominion held consultations with customers, colleagues and stakeholders, and created four key strategic objectives:

  • Homes and neighbourhoods that are safe, high quality and sustainable
  • Customer care: respond and resolve with respect
  • Development to meet housing needs
  • A strong, sustainable and effective organisation.

Ian Wardle, Chief Executive Officer at A2Dominion, said: “The launch of our new corporate strategy and the creation of our new leadership team and structure will help us to deliver the high-quality homes and services that our customers deserve.

“These steps lay the foundations for us to grow and improve in the areas where is it needed most. We know our customers deserve better and at times we’ve fallen short of their expectations. To help put things right we’ve already made some significant improvements to our homes and services and we’re hoping to accelerate and build on this throughout 2024.”

A2Dominion is focusing on its core priorities as a housing association

A2Dominion took a step back and made it a priority to refocus on its core purpose as a housing association. Throughout the past eight decades the group had diversified and expanded its activities in many different areas. The sector is increasingly challenging and A2Dominion wanted to get back to its roots by providing safe, high-quality affordable and social housing, while supporting its charitable objects.

The Group had already implemented a raft of radical improvements to its customer offer when in January 2024, they were graded G3/V2 by the Regulator of Social Housing. The Group is continuing to work closely with the regulator in order to deliver a solid recovery plan that will see major customer-focused improvements to its governance structure.

How A2Dominion customers are going to benefit

Kate Gascoigne was appointed permanent Chief Customer Officer in December 2023 – a position dedicated to delivering faster services with better outcomes. This enables Kate, who has more than 20 years’ experience in housing and previously held the role on an interim basis from September 2023, to focus on overseeing customer operations. She has already started to overhaul data systems, and the quality and response times of customer interactions.

A2Dominion is putting greater focus on its existing homes and redevelopment of its assets. Having encouraged customers to report any issues with their property, A2Dominion re-opened complaint cases as well as 5,000 cases of damp & mould in 2023 – creating a specialist taskforce to fix this.

To improve customers’ homes, Mears Group was appointed as its new repairs contractor October 2023. This has already seen an overhaul of how responsive repairs are handled, including implementing a new IT system to improve processing, communication, and actions. New timescales have also been introduced, including a target to complete emergency repairs within four hours and urgent repairs within 24 hours.

A2Dominion has also ensured its customers are at the forefront of decision-making and launched a Customer Involvement Programme last winter. This provided the opportunity for customers to share their views on topics that matter to them.




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